Real Business Results, Powered by Augmented Reality.

Snap AR has revolutionized how businesses connect with their audiences and drive results.

Interacting with products that have AR experiences leads to a 94% higher purchase conversation rate.

* According to a recent Shopify study¹

Over 200 million Snapchatters engage with AR every day on average.²

On average, our Daily Active Users interact with AR nearly 30x every day.³

The Most Powerful Camera in the World

Augmented reality is the digital layer that enhances the world around you, and is a powerful tool for connecting with customers and driving results. See how businesses have tapped into the power of Snap AR and found success at every stage of the purchase funnel.

AR Is Redefining the Commerce Experience

Augmented reality is the new consumer experience that can’t be ignored. In fact, 55% of AR shoppers believe that AR is now more important for browsing and shopping.⁴

OYS - Ounass and Piaget AR ads on Snapchat

89% of Snapchatters Are Interested in Try-on AR Experiences⁵

Hoka AR experience ad on Snapchat

79% of Snapchatters Are Interested in World AR Experiences to Visualize Products in a Space.⁵

Snapchat Is
Built for This

From ecommerce to awareness, Snapchat has an AR solution for your business objective. Our full suite of best-in-class tools can help you get started.

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Creator Marketplace

Search for and connect with Lens Creators, Developers, and Partners within Snap’s AR ecosystem.

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Camera Kit

Developers can bring the power of Snap AR into their own products, creating unique AR experiences in their apps.

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Lens Web Builder

Brands and agencies can create branded AR experiences through our templates with no coding experience required.

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Lens Analytics

Bring rich detailed insights into Lens engagement, beyond view counts and shares with anonymous, aggregated data.

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1 Harvard Business Review Article, "How AR is Redefining Retail in the Pandemic".
2 Snap Inc. internal data Q2 2021.
3 Snap Inc. internal data Q3 2019. See Snap Inc. public filings with the SEC.
4 2021 Global Deloitte Digital Study commissioned by Snap Inc.
Base = Total used AR for shopping (n=3,072) Q: Think about how your life has changed as a result of COVID-19 and pandemic restrictions. How, if at all, has COVID-19 changed the importance of AR in your life? AR makes browsing and/or shopping more rewarding/fun.
5 2020 Alter Agents study commissioned by Snap Inc. Base: Snapchatters (N=803), Non-Snapchatters (N=201) QA2: “Below is a list of AR Experiences that a social media company is considering for this holiday season. With these AR Experiences, you would try on something, using your phone camera to see how different objects appear on your face, head, or body (e.g., selfie filters.) With these AR Experiences, you would use your outer-facing camera to see how different objects would look in the space around you. How appealing are the following AR Experiences?” T2B.