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Snapchat Ads measurement

Test, learn, and optimize with Ads Manager.
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Measure results that matter for your business

Customize your reporting and create saved and shared views for quick analysis

Campaign performance

Get delivery and engagement metrics such as impressions, swipes, installs, and more.

Web conversions

Track conversions, build retargeting audiences, and optimize with the Snap Pixel.

App conversions

Measure app installs, app visits, and post-install app events with attribution and analytics tools.

Track conversions with the Snap Pixel

The Snap Pixel measures the impact of your campaigns across devices. See how many Snapchatters take action on your website after seeing your ads

Get started with three simple steps

  • Create: First, log into your Ads Manager account, select ‘Snap Pixel’ from the navigation, then select ‘Create my Snap Pixel’. Watch video
  • Implement: Next, find the header tags within your website code and paste the code onto every page you want to track actions on. Watch video
  • Analyze: To see your Pixel data in Ads Manager, click on ‘Snap Pixel’ from the navigation. This gives you a view of the aggregate statistics and detailed dashboards from your Pixel Data. Watch video.

Snapchat Partners

Work with Snapchat official partners to help with pre-campaign strategy, campaign management and creative execution

Snapchat partners

From pre-campaign strategy to creative execution, our partners make advertising on Snapchat a snap!

Become a partner

Are you helping companies with advertising solutions and technology? Join the Snapchat Partners program.

Developer resources

The Snapchat Marketing API allows you to integrate with Snapchat’s advertising platform to build custom measurement tools.

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