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Drive online sales

Advertise your e-commerce business to an engaged audience on Snapchat.
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Grow your e-commerce business

Drive sales, subscriptions and signups to your e-commerce store


Introduce people to your brand or products.


Educate and engage with customers by driving traffic to your website.


Drive sales, subscriptions and signups on your website with the Snap Pixel.

Create compelling ads that drive online sales

Encourage Snapchatters to swipe up and take action immediately

Ad formats to drive conversions
Use Single Image or Video Ads to showcase your latest products or discounts, Collection Ads to create a shoppable experience, or Story Ads to highlight various products or services.

Access solutions for e-commerce advertisers

Utilize ads designed specifically for your business

Automate ad creation with Dynamic Ads
Dynamic Ads are a simple way to personalize ads for your customers. By leveraging catalogs and the Snap Pixel, we can automate ad creation, while optimizing towards actions that matter most to your business, like driving purchases online.

Optimize and measure your ad campaigns

Grow your business with the Snap Pixel

Optimize ad delivery 
After implementing the Snap Pixel, measure and optimize towards conversion events after the minimum threshold is met.
Re-engage Snapchatters
With the Snap Pixel, you can access ‘Pixel Custom Audiences’ which allows you to re-target Snapchatters that have already taken an action on your website with flexible lookback windows.
Expand reach
Upload your customer lists or use the Snap Pixel to create ‘Lookalike Audiences’ to reach Snapchatters that are similar to your existing customers.

Resources for e-commerce advertisers

Learn tips and best practices tailored to your business objectives

How to drive online sales with Snapchat Ads

Start promoting your e-commerce business to a highly engaged audience by following these steps.
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Success stories

See how e-commerce businesses use Snapchat Ads to achieve their goals


Sunglasses brand Pit Viper sees massive ROI on Snapchat.


Snapchat’s shoppable ads drive major efficiencies for the Wish app.


BrüMate sees 3x return on ad spend with Snapchat.

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Create your first ad in less than five minutes, with just a photo and a few clicks. Reach an engaged audience that lives only on Snapchat, and drive results to build and scale your business.