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Bring Your Brand Into Focus
Everything you need to know about advertising on Snapchat.
Snap Focus
Learn the ins and outs of Snapchat advertising
Our courses will help you build the skills you need to run amazing campaigns on Snap Ads Manager. And keep an eye out, because there’s more content - and certifications - heading your way!
Snapchat Advertising Essentials
Complete these six courses to get Ads Manager certified.
Intro to Snapchat
Course 1
Explore all the different things that make Snapchat, Snapchat!
The Snapchat Generation
Course 2
See how Snapchatters are making big changes to how the world communicates and stays close.
Advertising on Snapchat
Course 3
Learn how to drive ROI for your brand or business - no matter where your potential customers are in their journey.
Getting Started 
on Ads Manager
Course 4
Find out everything you need to know to create your first campaign on Snapchat.
Creative Best Practices
Course 5
Get tips and best practices for creating powerful and impactful ads on Snapchat.
Measure and Optimize Campaigns
Course 6
See how to measure and optimize your campaigns in Ads Manager.
Choose Your Point of Focus
Whether you’re looking to create an ad, manage it, or make it even better, we’ve got you covered. Our courses help you feel confident about advertising on Snapchat, whatever your goals.
Get Started
Learn the basics of advertising on Snapchat, and discover what makes our community unique.
Plan, Buy, and Optimize
Get up and running on Ads Manager, and learn how to launch, manage, and optimize high-performing campaigns.
Deepen your skills with Snapchat's ad products to drive measurable ROI for your clients.
Speak to Snapchatters effectively with innovative, short-form mobile storytelling. Dream big by creating industry-leading work that achieves your goals.