Public Profiles: Your Business’s Home on Snapchat

Public Profiles for Businesses give brands of all sizes a free, permanent identity on Snapchat to house all of your unique content. Get discovered organically, engage with your customers, build a following, sell products, and manage your profile - all from one place. All advertisers on Snapchat need to have a Public Profile!

What Are Public Profiles?

Two user interfaces of Snapchat Public Profiles
With Public Profiles, you can connect with your customers organically by highlighting useful and engaging content, showcase existing Lens AR Experiences, and share shoppable products directly within the app - all while delivering insights for your business.
Key features of a Profile include:
  • Public Stories: Share what's happening in your world, from behind the scenes to daily activities, to drive deeper connections with the Snapchat community.
  • AR Lenses: Publish Lenses to your Profile to ensure your most immersive AR experiences can be discovered by all Snapchatters.
  • Saved Stories: Showcase your best Public Snaps, Stories, photos or videos permanently.
  • Native Store: Link your Shopify store on your Profile so Snapchatters can browse, try-on, and buy through the “Shop” feature, turning Snapchat into a new point of sale.

How Do Public Profiles Work?

Grow your audience

Organic content is discoverable throughout Snapchat, enhancing the user experience with useful and engaging brand content. Snapchatters can find your brand through Spotlight, Discover, Lens Explorer, @ mentions, Search and through paid media with Snapchat Ads.
Verified brands posting organic content to Spotlight grow their audience of Public Profile subscribers 1.5x faster than brands not posting to Spotlight.1
Views of Public Profiles connected to active ads are 5.4x higher than when no ads are active.2

Engage with customers and drive impact

Keep your Profile fresh by regularly posting new content to keep subscribers engaged with the latest from your brand, and to potentially drive new eyes to the Profile! Subscribers can see your posts within the Subscription carousel and non-subscribers may see your brand’s content within the Discover section or in Spotlight.

Organic and ads are complementary

Think of your Public Profile as the backbone of advertising providing on-platform audience insights and the ability to create custom audience segments off of on-platform actions.
Be sure to link your Profile to your Ad Accounts to allow the brand name on your ads to tap to your Profile for users to learn more about your brand, experience your content, and potentially subscribe.

Manage and analyze with web-based tools

Post and analyze organic content from the web in Ads Manager or in-app directly. Once you’ve built momentum with lens plays and views, profile views, subscribers, and Story and Spotlight views, build custom targeting audiences off of these on-platform events so you’re not missing any part of your audience with your advertising!

Create Your Public Profile

How to Create a Public Profile

Set up your Public Profile today in three easy steps.
Snapchat for Business Public Profiles
1. Set up your free Business Account
Log into Business Manager using your business account information and select ‘Public Profiles’. Not currently advertising with us? No problem! Follow these instructions to create your free business account.

2. Create a free Public Profile
Set up your username, or connect an existing username, and add any additional core business information to your Profile. Click ‘Update Profile’ once finished and your Profile will be instantly live and searchable by Snapchatters.

3. Add content to your Public Profile
Populate your Profile with your existing Lenses and post Public and Saved Stories directly from the Snapchat app. Snapchatters can now find, engage and subscribe to your Public Profile!

For more information on how to set up your Public Profiles, watch this video.

Create Your Public Profile

Public Profiles for Businesses Webinar

Watch this webinar to discover more about Public Profiles and why they’re complementary to your other efforts on Snapchat. You’ll also learn about our current feature set, recommendations for success and how your Public Profile can be discovered across the app.

Watch recording

Success with Public Profiles

Businesses on Snapchat are already finding success with their Public Profiles.
1 Snap Inc. internal data July 13 - August 11, 2022.
2 Snap Inc. internal data July 1 - November 15, 2021.