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Entertainment on Snapchat

Whether you're looking to grow your subscribers, drive ticket sales, or boost tune-in for your newest show, Snapchat has solutions that drive results. 
From captivating, immersive video to AR experiences, Snapchat amplifies your storytelling and puts Snapchatters front and center in the experience. 
Hollywood's best stories take on new dimensions on Snapchat. 
It's entertainment, augmented.

Connect with Your Crowd
Entertainment is a trending topic on Snapchat all year round. Entertainment terms were among the top trending terms on Snapchat in 2021.1 That’s because Snapchatters are always looking for fun, original content to watch. They plan to see more movies in theaters this year2 and they stream more hours of content each week on average, compared to non-Snapchatters.3

Powerful Stories, Blockbuster Results

Full-screen video ads capture the imagination and make immediate impact. Video ads on Snapchat attract 5x the attentive seconds of the competitive platform average across linear TV and streaming platforms.4 What’s more, when adding Commercials to your campaign, we see double the lift across the full funnel: 2.3x average lift for Ad Awareness and 2.8x average lift in Action Intent.5 AR experiences take your story from the screen into the real world, creating one-of-a-kind experiences that Snapchatters personalize. Whether you’re turning into your favorite hero, exploring a new cinematic universe, or finding out which main character you are, AR storytelling puts experiential marketing into the palms of Snapchatters’ hands. When you combine the best of content and camera and lean into all of Snapchat, your results soar.
For theatrical campaigns, each incremental product added to a campaign increases the average conversion rate6, and the same is true for streaming campaigns!7
more than celebrities or influencers, Snapchatters’ close friends are more influential on their purchasing decisions.10

higher average lift in Action Intent in multiproduct campaigns for Entertainment partners compared to single-product campaigns.8

greater lift in Action Intent when adding an AR Lens to an Entertainment campaign.9

Entertainment titles were among the top trending terms for Snapchatters in 2021.1
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