Universal Pictures Launch a Public Profile and AR Lenses on Snapchat

Views of AR Lenses

Housing AR Experiences That Let Snapchatters Transform

Universal Pictures has long been an advocate for AR due to the impact it brings to their movie launch strategy. Over the years, Universal Pictures has developed numerous AR experiences, letting Snapchatters transform themselves into their favorite characters. Because of this success, they were in search of a permanent home to house these AR experiences.

Partnering with Snapchat to Create a Business Profile

Universal Pictures partnered with Snapchat to become one of the first brands to launch their Business Profile. With this product, Universal Pictures now has an easily discoverable home on Snapchat where Snapchatters can view, engage, and share their Lenses whenever they want.

Universal Pictures ad on Snapchat for Trolls World Tour

Achieving 300M+ Views

After the launch of their Public Profile, Universal’s AR Lenses achieved an additional 300M lifetime views¹ with over 199M views from the Trolls World Tour Lenses alone.¹

The addition of Business Profiles was such a smart move for Snapchat. Our fans have always loved the AR experiences we’ve created for them. With Business Profiles, we now have a permanent home for Universal Pictures, making it easy for our fans to engage with all tons of our AR Lenses whenever they want.

Alex Sanger, EVP Digital Marketing Strategy, Universal Pictures
1 Snap Inc. Internal Data July 7, 2020 - April 10, 2021.