Video and AR Serve Up Performance For Canada’s Drag Race

action intent lift
among users 25-34
incremental reach
delivered by their AR Lens
The Story
When Canadian streaming service Crave looked to launch Season 2 of their original series, Canada’s Drag Race, they knew they needed to make a splash to drive tune in, particularly against their core Millennial audience.
The Solution
With the demographics and diversity of the Snapchat Generation, Crave knew that there was no better home to make an impact with their media buy than on Snapchat.  Given Canada’s Drag Race’s emphasis on self expression, AR was the perfect solution, allowing Snapchatters to get into character and “serve” iconic new looks - all while catching candy in a gamified and fully immersive experience.  Crave paired the AR experience with story telling video products Snap Ads and Story Ads.
The Result
Among the glamour of the Canada’s Drag Race campaign, the true star of the show was the results Crave was able to drive against their core A25-34 audience - driving 12pt lift in Action Intent. 1 What’s more, their AR Lens drove reach of over 1.3M Snapchatters, highlighting the true power of the Camera. 2
"With Snapchat AR, we were able to deliver an unparalleled experience for our audience, allowing Snapchatters to become their very own Canada’s Drag Race star."
—Mert Inal, Director of Marketing, Bell Media
1 Source: Snap Brand Lift, Q4 2022, C/E N = 104/132
2 Snap Inc. Internal Data