AR and Video Drive Full Funnel Lift for The Patrick Star Show


Average Playtime


Share Rate


Ad Awareness lift


Brand Awareness lift


Action Intent lift

The Story

With the launch of The Patrick Star Show, Nickelodeon turned to Snap to bring the iconic world of SpongeBob’s best bud Patrick Star to life, igniting a multigenerational fandom and allowing users to experience the SpongeBob universe like never before.  

The Solution

With a robust multi-product strategy including video and camera   products, Nickelodeon leveraged a mix of creative and strategic targeting to simultaneously engage both nostalgic fans and prospective viewers. Attention grabbing Commercials and Story Ads provided context and a first look at the new series, while an immersive AR Lens drove Snapchatters a level deeper, providing both nods to iconic SpongeBob nostalgia and all-new facets to Patrick Star’s expanding storyline.

The Result

The campaign delivered incredible results, successfully activating fans both new and old.  The AR Lens drove strong engagement, with +2x higher Playtime and 3x higher Share Rates compared to Entertainment benchmarks.1  What’s more, the campaign was able to drive full funnel results against Ad and Brand Awareness as well as Watch Intent.2

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1 Snap Inc. internal data July 05 - July 30, 2021. Benchmark data: Snap Inc. internal Data, 2021 Q3, all auction Lens from US Entertainment Vertical. Share Rate Range = total shares/ total paid impressions: [ 0.5%, 2.4%]. Playtime per user range = total playtime / total reach: [7s, 13s].
2 Snap & Kantar Brand Lift Study June 17- August 4, 2021 (n control: 520, n exposed: 621).