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Spread Holiday Cheer With an Awareness Campaign

Maximize your campaign reach and expand your customer base ahead of the busy holiday season with Awareness ads.

Find More Customers With Snapchat Ads

There’s a lot of hustle and bustle during the holidays. People shop, celebrate, and share — all on Snapchat. Start running holiday ads now to inspire audiences as they search for gifts, clothes, food, decor, and more!

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Tips for setting up your Awareness campaign:

  • Set up your Pixel: Installing the Snap Pixel is the first step in effectively measuring and optimizing your ads towards making sales online. 

  • Create an audience: Use Custom Audiences to narrow your targeting and reach specific Snapchatters based on your Pixel data.

  • Launch a Story Ad: With a Story Ad, you can engage with new Snapchatters across the app, as well as access different inventory and ad placements.

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Maximize Your Ad Performance All Season Long

Ready to get a jump start on your holiday campaigns? We have a plan to help you meet your audience at every stage of the buying cycle.

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Need additional help with your holiday ads strategy?

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