Ramadan in a New Light

Ramadan looks a little different this year, and Snapchatters are looking for new ways to celebrate the holy month. Now, more than ever, brands have a unique opportunity to form meaningful connections.

What do these meaningful connections look like?

Last year, people all over the world celebrated Ramadan on Snapchat.

Meet a meaningful audience at scale

Snapchat addressable reach in the MENA region has grown to 67 million unique Snapchatters1. A 38% increase year over year2.

During Ramadan, Snapchatters are highly engaged with the platform. In the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, Snapchatters spent 77 minutes daily3 on the app during Ramadan 2020, opening the app 41 times per day3 on average.

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What do Snapchatters have planned for Ramadan 2021?

Real-time communication will be more important than ever to feel close to their loved ones

30% of Snapchatters say their social/communication app usage will increase compared to last year’s Ramadan4

Snapchatters are looking for new ways to get informed about products

69% of Snapchatters say they will be watching more video content to learn about a specific product or service5.

63% of Snapchatters say they will rely more on social apps to discover and buy new products/services5.

Online shopping as the new normal

57% of Snapchatters say they will prioritize online shopping via e-commerce websites5.

Snapchatters are creating new Ramadan traditions with AR

Millions are turning to augmented reality (AR) for fun and self-expression

In the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, over 88% of Snapchatters engaged with augmented reality daily during Ramadan 2020, on average3.

Creating new Ramadan traditions

33% of Snapchatters are using Lenses/Filters more during Ramadan than any other months of the year6.

And providing an opportunity for brands to unleash meaningful creativity

Owning meaningful Ramadan moments through AR will give you the opportunity to engage with Snapchatters, establish relevance, and ultimately yield business results across micro and macro Ramadan moments. 

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Discover, a Ramadan Majlis in Snapchatters’ pockets

Welcome to Discover, Ramadan’s new “Digital Majlis,” where Snapchatters can enjoy highly curated content from their favorite Shows, publishers, and the best creators in the Arab world. If your brand wants to be part of a meaningful, safe, and highly engaging content, then Discover is the place to be.

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The ideal place to gather and experience Ramadan together

In Saudi Arabia, more people watch Snapchat Discover everyday than any of the top ten TV channels, both before and during COVID-197.

Creating new Ramadan traditions year after year

During Ramadan 2020, daily viewers watching Ramadan content doubled YOY8.

There was a 2.5x growth in daily time spent on Ramadan content YOY in Saudi Arabia8.

Content made for Ramadan by the best content publishers in the Middle East

Make this Ramadan 2021 more meaningful than ever

Ramadan will look very different this year. Snapchatters will find new ways to celebrate, adjusting their interests, priorities, and choices. Below are some downloadable resources to help you plan your Ramadan campaigns

Download hack-sheet hereCampaign Set up Guide

Ramadan success stories

Vimto creates everlasting family moments of togetherness with Snapchat, despite physical social distancing

Gamified Augmented Reality Lens delivers massive ROI for Sephora

Ounass sees a ROI of 8.7x by using Snapchat’s Lenses in their media mix for their Ramadan campaign

For further inquiries on how to activate a meaningful campaign this Ramadan please make sure you get in touch with your Snapchat representative

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