Vimto creates everlasting family moments of togetherness with Snapchat, despite physical social distancing


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The Story:

During Ramadan, Vimto’s objective was to maximize reach and brand impact. While Ramadan 2020 was different from any other year and despite physical social distancing, Vimto’s ambitions remained the same: Being a core part of sweet togetherness & connections amongst loved ones. With a renewed campaign messaging banking on an outstanding creative direction and a conscious choice of limiting their TV advertising, Vimto was keen on maximizing reach and brand impact using digital platforms including Snapchat.

The Solution:

Partnering with the Vimto marketing team and the UM MENA team, Snapchat worked on establishing an AR and video led advertising campaign as well as include a cross-media study solution done by Kantar Millward Brown to measure the campaign’s reach and brand impact and isolate the value that Snapchat drives vs. other platforms. Given a lion’s share of Vimto’s total digital investments, Snapchat was tasked to drive Vimto’s KPIs of highest reach and impact. Vimto leveraged the available video advertising solutions by using Snap Ads, Commercials, and Story Ads to deliver Vimto’s Sweet Togetherness message.

The Results:

Snapchat had the highest unique reach among all digital platforms, which was 7pp out of the total unique reach of 21pp, accounting for a third (33%) of users reached by only one platform.

Vimto in its 94th Ramadan Season continues to be part of  the Iftar table, a profound family tradition and legacy rooted in the Khaleeji heritage across generations. This makes it a well salient brand with very strong equity. While the overall campaign still managed to drive an incremental 2.2pp in KSA on the existing awareness levels, Snapchat managed to contribute to the awareness of Vimto by 1.1pp.

Vimto’s brand perception post this campaign saw an overall uplift in imagery. The overall campaign led to an increase in perception scores for Vimto by 16pp of which 6.7 points of contribution were driven by Snapchat translating into 36% of brand imagery campaign impact, the highest across digital video platforms used.

Vimto managed to connect consumers digitally collaborating strongly with Snapchat to create everlasting family moments of togetherness, despite physical social distancing.
Rasha Sakr, Marketing Manager - Vimto

1 Source: Kantar Cross Media Study, Q2 2020