Back to School on Snapchat

Back to school means new gear, new classes and has us all reminiscing about friendships we've made. Friends are just as much as part of the school day as the classes we take.

On Snapchat, the power of friendship reigns supreme. These trusted connections are Snapchatters’ go-tos for inspo and guidance when shopping for back-to-school. Our community of trendsetters will be driving purchases all season long. Check out what the back to school celebration looks like on Snapchat and learn how your brand can get involved today.

Snapchat is used more than any other communication platform at every stage of the back-to-school shopping journey

Communication platform usage during the celebration cycle, index vs. Snapchat

The Snapchat Generation

influences spend

Students on Snapchat directly influenced


of their parents' back-to-school purchases in 2020.

Sharing and showing off

drives action here

Nearly 50%
of all Snapchatters told their friends and family about their back to school purchases on Snapchat.2

of parents on Snapchat are influenced by their family and friends.3

of Snapchatters would check out a new brand if their friends are talking about it.4

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Keep these trends top of mind this year

5G Fueling ECommerce

Increased penetration of 5G is boosting the functionality of apps and e-commerce solutions. With this, AR are evolving the ways that consumers interact with brands, shaping expectations of the BTS shopping experience.

Demand for Transparency

Consumers are becoming increasingly focused on social justice, and demanding transparency from businesses they transact with. Shoppers now make purchase decisions with their values top-of-mind and buy from brands that reflect and agree with these values.

Health and Wellness

We can expect back-to-school shopping to include products and services designed to provide comfort and security, supporting good mental and physical health.

Tech-Driven Health

Technology’s impacts on our health have increased the popularity in products such as blue light glasses, apps that remind you to go outside, wearables that encourage movement.

Social Currency

Social currency is knowledge and interest in all things current culture. Social currency is how new friendships and connections are made.

Flex Culture

Flex culture is all about showing off but on Snapchat our community sees it differently. It is not about bragging about what you have, but sharing who you are, what makes you happy and the products and brands that make it happen.

Back-to-School Success Stories

Walmart adopts a multi-ad product approach to stay top of mind during back-to-school season

Johnson & Johnson Inc. sees top-to-bottom funnel success

Champs Sports used a multi-product approach to drive a 32% increase in ROAS

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V3. For which of the following products you have purchased were you the primary decision maker? By ‘primary decision maker’ we mean that you were in charge of choosing and buying the product. V9. How much did you spend on your purchase of the [INSERT PRODUCT] (excluding shipping costs)?
2 E2a. You mentioned that you shared your purchase on communication platforms or apps. Which of these communication platforms or apps did you use to do the following? Base: Student Snapchatters who used communication platforms.
3 D5. What elements of communication platforms or apps helped you the most when discovering the [INSERT PRODUCT]? C3. What elements of communication platforms or apps helped you the most when researching detailed information and comparing [INSERT PRODUCT]? P3. What elements of communication platforms or apps helped you the most when making your final decision to purchase the [INSERT PRODUCT]?
4 2019 “New Brand On The Block” Average of CA, UK and US Cassandra Study commissioned by Snap Inc.