Walmart adopts a multi-ad product approach on Snapchat to stay top of mind this Back to School season


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The Story

Walmart and Snapchat teamed up this Back to School season to spark those first day feels for both parents and kids alike! While school looked a lot different for everyone this year, Walmart positioned itself as the premier retailer of the season with the tagline “However you go back, we’ve got your back.” The big box retailer tapped into Snapchat’s full suite of camera and content ad products to drive reach and awareness of its Back to School offerings.

The Solution: A Multi-Ad Product Approach

In order to generate maximum awareness and engagement, Walmart & Snapchat created an AR Lens that gave Snapchatters an opportunity to try key BTS products in a fun and playful way.

Audience Filters that spoke to Snapchatter’s Back to School excitement also drove a share rate of 3.47%, leading to earned brand advocacy.2

Not only did the campaign maximize on Camera ad units but Walmart also tested 6 second Commercials, touting their BTS offerings in a force view format, which drove an extremely efficient cost per completed view of $0.01.2

The combination of Camera ad products and vertical video led to great success in this campaign for Walmart. 

The Results

Overall, Snapchat positively contributed to lifts across the funnel. The campaign observed statistically significant lift in Ad Awareness of 9 points, exceeding Snap US Retail norms.1 Additionally, the campaign also saw a lift* in Brand Association (+4pt) and lift* in recommendation intent (+4pt). This goes to show that the Walmart Back to School campaign resonated amongst the Snapchat audience.1 

*directional: stat sig between 79-90% confidence level

We leveraged Snap AR to adapt to these changing times by giving customers a virtual way to shop for the new school year. By pairing lenses with Snap’s suite of ad products, we maximized our presence on the platform—staying top of mind among our core audience.

- Amanda Mulligan, Associate Director of Digital Media, Walmart

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1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of Snapchat users. Control n=501 exposed n=478. August 1, 2020 - September 9, 2020
2 Snap Inc. internal data September 2020