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The Story

With a vision to become the “Go To Gen Z Face Care Brand” and set up teens for a lifetime of clean, clear and happy skin, Johnson & Johnson Inc. partnered with Snapchat to build relevance and credibility with one simple aim: drive awareness of new formats and ingredients in the recently launched Clean & Clear®️ Lemon line.

Solution #1: Snap Ads

With reach, impressions, and CPMs being key performance indicators, Johnson & Johnson Inc. partnered with Snapchat to target a hard to reach teen demographic and seamlessly tie in the brand’s fun, energetic creative to Snapchat’s environment. Effectively engaging Snap Ads helped drive efficiencies at scale, delivering over 30 million Impressions2, at an average CPM of $1.342. Additionally, the Snap Ads also showed strong interest with over 104,000 Swipe Ups to the Clean & Clear®️website.2

Solution #2: Commercials

Commercials, featured within Snapchat’s premium Discover content, were utilized to drive further impact. Delivering an efficient average Cost Per Completed View of $0.01, and high Video Completion Rate of over 86%, Commercials further cemented brand and ad recall among Snapchatters.2

The Result

The primary objective of Clean & Clear®️ was to drive awareness on Snapchat. To measure this impact, as well as potential lower funnel movement, a 4-question Brand Lift Study was activated. With a +33 point lift in Ad Awareness and +23 point lift in Product Awareness, the study demonstrated how greatly effective Clean & Clear®️ User-Generated Content Ads resonated with Snapchatters, ultimately making them more aware of the product. Campaign exposure also led to strong Brand Favorability (+6) and Purchase Intent (+6), with Snapchatters indicating a desire to choose and shop for the Clean & Clear®️ Lemon product.1

When directly compared to other channels and their equivalent video ad placements, both Snap Ads and Commercials were 50% more cost effective, and also delivered more impressions vs comparative initiatives. 

Clean & Clear®️ leveraged Snap Ad’s ultra-targeted capabilities to meaningfully connect with our consumer across the full marketing funnel and enabled our objective of winning with teens through experiential and intuitive channels – outpacing all relevant industry benchmarks
-Johnson & Johnson Inc.

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1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 13-24 year old Snapchat users. Control n=531 exposed n=549. December 4, 2019 - December 29, 2019
2 Snap Inc. internal data December 4 - 30, 2019