Tensor.Art Taps into AR Lens to Reach and Engage With Millions of Snapchatters

Total Impressions During Campaign Session

Share Rate for AR Lens

The Story

Tensor.Art is a free, cutting-edge online image generator and model hosting platform that uses artificial intelligence to help people easily create, find, and share visuals. Using the latest advancements in AI, Tensor.Art has established a dynamic community of AI developers and model creators.

As part of their ongoing marketing efforts, Tensor.Art wanted to provide Snapchatters with an immersive, interactive experience using their product content to demonstrate their relevance in the AI space while reaching a larger audience, increasing brand awareness, and driving new users to their website.

The Solution

To kick off their initiative, the brand turned to Snapchat to develop an AR Package that leveraged augmented reality to build Snap Ads, Story Ads, AR Lenses, and a Reach & Frequency Lens (R&F) featuring a meticulously crafted range of styles in fun, silly, and simple creative that encouraged easy engagement. The R&F Lens in particular enabled Tensor.Art to plan and buy in advance on Snapchat, offering predictable ad delivery and control over frequency. 

To better reach the right audience, Tensor.Art tapped into Snapchat’s targeting tools, setting their marketing content to target users based on both age and interests.

Additionally, the brand opted to create both global and local versions of their ad creative to test against each other, with the local versions garnering higher swipe-up rates than the global ones.

The Results

Through their marketing campaign, Tensor.Art saw incredible success, achieving 16 million total impressions. A highlight of the campaign, the AR Lens drove a share rate of 0.5%, proving that entertaining, straightforward creative translates into excellent results for brands. Additionally, by opting for a multi-product approach, Tensor.Art boosted user interaction, increased traffic to their website, and drove brand awareness, culminating in a compelling brand identity.

Further, by strategically planning their campaign launch around the winter holidays, Tensor.Art was able to capitalize on the festive season to maximize the effectiveness of their campaign. Overall, a successful partnership between Tensor.Art and Snapchat!

Snapchat is a social platform that gathers a large number of young users. The advertising format is very interesting and matches the attributes of our business. We hope that the Crazy AI Ears Lens we created can set off a wave of experiences for this group of young users!

Sawoo, Head of Operations & Marketing at Tensor.Art

1 Snap Inc. internal data.