Success Story
Success Story

Snapchat drives 20% increase in ROI for SHEIN


higher return on investment vs goal


lower cost per purchase vs. other channels


lower cost per signup vs. other channels

The Story

SHEIN is a global, fashion brand that delivers quality and stylish apparel to women and men. With over 10 million users, operating in 224 countries, SHEIN was looking to expand their reach to a differentiated audience. They partnered with Snapchat to create immersive full screen ad experiences to drive purchases amongst the millennial and Gen Z audience.

The Solution: Snap Ads + Story Ads

SHEIN used Snap Ad App Install ads to drive installs for their app.  They followed the creative best practice of using a short-form video that showcased their products front and center as a way to entice Snapchatters to swipe up. They also leveraged Snap Lifestyle Categories to reach Snapchatters with fashion interests.
SHEIN also used Story Ads to showcase the breadth and depth of their product lines and engage with an audience that showed high signals of intent. They drew Snapchatters into their Story by following creative best practices for the Tile image, using a clever headline that sparked curiosity and drove Snapchatters to tap into the Story in the Discover feed.
SHEIN was able to drive better performance by leveraging Snapchat’s optimization tools like Audience Insights and Goal Based Bidding. This allowed them to reach Snapchatters who were most likely to convert, ultimately achieving a 50% lower cost per purchase on Snapchat versus other channels.

The Result

Thanks to a combination of various creative, targeting and bid optimizations, SHEIN ultimately achieved a 20% increase in return on investment versus their original goal. This campaign allowed them to drive purchases amongst a new audience, at a cost efficient rate, seeing a 50% lower cost per purchase and 20% lower cost per install on Snapchat versus other channels.

Snapchat has helped us consistently expand our influence amongst Gen Z and Millennials. We've found that the dynamic, creative audience who lives on Snapchat also converts incredibly efficiently, driving a cost per purchase 50% lower than what we're seeing on other channels and ROI 20% above our goal.

Leonie Xu, Marketing Director, SHEIN