Rains scales impactful Story and Snap Ad campaign driving significant ROAS


lower CPA


higher ROAS

The Story
Rains is a modern lifestyle brand established in Aarhus, Denmark. Based on a new interpretation of the classic rubber raincoat, Rains offers a wide range of waterproof outerwear, bags and accessories for the fashion-conscious consumer. Inspired by Scandinavian weather conditions and design tradition, Rains is of the opinion that functionality should not be prioritized at the expense of design. Rains' products are created to withstand all kinds of precipitation, all the while reflecting the fashion trends of the time.

Rains were looking for opportunities to expand their reach to a different and new audience, and ways of achieving incremental reach. In collaboration with the Danish digital performance agency Obsidian Digital, and Snapchat, Rains sought to create an immersive full-screen experience to drive purchases and ROAS in their key markets.
The Solution
Rains used Snap Ads to drive traffic and conversions on their website. They followed the creative best practices of using a short-form video that showcased their products front and center, incentivizing Snapchatters to swipe up. Combining strong CTA’s and music-powered creatives, Rains saw a positive performance in their first month, which lead them to increase their budget.

Rains targeted more than 10 countries based on a broad data-driven audience only segmented on age, meaning they were fully-focused on prospecting campaigns. To keep their performance high, Rains continuously created new creatives and tested several designs in their Catalog Sales from the Danish tool, Confect.io.

Rains started using Story Ads and quickly saw this ad format as their best performing asset. Story Ads was a huge success to showcase the breadth and depth of Rains product lines and engage with an audience of high intent.

By combining these formats, Rains ensured that they had a greater reach, but also the fact that they could scale the case to a greater extent.
The Result
Rains experienced positive results right from the beginning. Comparing their marketing efforts to other social media channels, Rains only saw reason to scale their Snapchat setup.
By comparing their performance with other social-media channels, Rains saw Snapchat had a 12.6% lower CPA (Cost Per Acquisition),and a 17.25% higher ROAS ( Return on Ad Spend)1by utilising a Muti-Ad Approach.
"Snapchat advertising made it possible for us to reach and connect with a unique audience. Story Ads give us the option to tell a story through multiple clips. Snapchat has been a success for us to implement in our marketing mix."
Mai Raunstrup Laursen / Social Media Responsible 
1 Rains Internal Data