James Allen Achieves Success with Snapchat’s New 7-0 Optimization Window

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Maximizing Performance and Scale

JamesAllen.com is a rapidly growing online retailer specializing in diamond and bridal jewelry, offering custom-designed engagement rings and other fine jewelry. Founded in 2006, James Allen has been a pioneer in changing the way consumers shop for diamonds and jewelry online. Together with the Snap team they harnessed the power of the Snapchat platform to focus on conversion and ROAS-driven performance.

Recognizing the potential of Snapchatters and Snap's new performance optimization tools, James Allen aimed to maximize performance and scale their operations. Their primary goal was to boost performance (purchases), effectively driving incremental value from new users who added items to their cart and visited their website.

Using Snapchat Ads and the 7-0 Optimization Feature

James Allen initiated a conversion campaign on Snapchat to achieve their performance goals while also supporting other KPIs and mid-funnel objectives. They chose Snap Ads, one of Snapchat's most popular ad formats, to capture user attention and leverage Snapchat's unique audience and reach. James Allen incorporated creative best practices and guidelines, embracing the platform's authentic, natural, and branding style. They tested Snapchat's new performance-oriented 7-0 optimization feature, specifically designed for this occasion, while adhering to their top-performing creatives, following recommended guidelines.

Achieving Impressive Results

James Allen successfully and consistently hit their target KPIs for several months while at the same time increasing their scale. Their activities on Snapchat exceeded their prior expectations and assumptions about Snap's ability to deliver performance at scale. James Allen experienced an impressive 18% reduction in CPA while improving their ROI by a remarkable 67%, demonstrating efficiency and a strong return on investment.

Our collaboration with Snapchat exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to continuing to use it to reach and engage with fresh audiences while achieving our KPIs. Our journey with Snapchat is just beginning, and we are eager to explore its potential for sustained growth and success.

Shannon Delany, Chief Marketing Officer