Home Chef partners with Snapchat to drive brand awareness and conversion outcomes


increase in Ad Awareness


increase in Brand Awareness


lift in meal kit purchases

The Story

Home Chef is a meal kit delivery service that provides a box of pre-portioned fresh ingredients directly to consumers that are ready to cook. Home Chef came to Snapchat to test the platform’s ability to deliver on both brand and direct response outcomes leading into their peak season. Home Chef was successful in generating and capturing demand -- seeing strong, positive lift in key brand awareness and consideration metrics as well as direct response KPIs. 

The Solution

With the goal of acquiring new customers, Home Chef leaned into a multi-ad product strategy, running a combination of Snap Ads and Story Ads while also targeting a broad audience of US Adults 18+ built off of pixel-purchase lookalikes, CRM lookalikes and meal kit purchasers. Home Chef used this campaign as an opportunity to learn, testing two bid strategies - an upper funnel (swipe-up) objective and a lower funnel (purchase) objective via Snapchat’s multi-cell brand lift and conversion lift studies. 

The Results

Home Chef experienced positive conversion lift results with both bid strategies, but the results were most compelling with the lower-funnel strategy. The holiday campaign drove a +5.4pt1 increase in Ad Awareness, +7.7pt1 increase in Brand Awareness, a +5.6pt1 increase in Purchase Intent, and ultimately delivered a +4.3%2 lift in meal kit purchases.

"We've been leveraging Snapchat in an effort to acquire new customers as demand for meal kits continues to increase over the past year and more people look to eat at home. Snapchat has become a major part of our evergreen social media mix, especially as we lean into using more video content as an acquisition tool. Utilizing both snap and story ads has consistently driven efficient growth for our brand."

- Brett Wagner, Director of Digital Media, Home Chef

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