GOAT Has Arrived on Snapchat’s Public Profiles

Organic Lenses were played within the Snapchat Camera

Unique Snapchatters

The Story

GOAT, the fashion platform and epicenter of the sneakerhead community, has returned to Snapchat — this time to launch their official Public Profile for Businesses featuring an AR Lens. A major hub for coveted fashion and footwear, the prominent platform is one of the early adopters of augmented reality, having offered AR try-on in their app for the past few years. Because GOAT had seen success with their previous run of AR Lenses, they wanted to find a way to extend the value of their Lens assets and reach an even wider audience. 

Dropping Next-Level Lens

Leveraging their organic AR try-on Lenses from their app, GOAT uploaded their Lens assets to their Public Profile on Snapchat, providing Snapchatters with a single place to interact with the brand and discover, play with, and share the Lenses at any time. 

GOAT Results

GOAT’s organic Lenses were a hit for Snapchatters! Within the first week of being uploaded to their Public Profile, organic Lenses were played within the Snapchat camera over 1M times, reaching over 230k unique Snapchatters.1 Thanks to this high level of engagement, GOAT plans on building additional AR assets to offer sneaker-loving Snapchatters. 

"Snapchat’s Public Profile has enabled our business to engage with our Snapchat audience and gain better insights on the content and products they are most interested in.
We observed over time how our engagement and profile subscribers have grown with each new lens we launched and content we shared, which gave us confidence in our continual investment in our Snapchat Public Profile.
Snapchat’s public profile additionally contributes to our continual efforts to find high converting and engaged audiences."

- Brigitte Hougan, Performance Marketing, GOAT

1 Snap Inc. Internal data March 8 2022 - March 14 2022