Fruit of the Loom Sees Success With Interactive Snapchat Campaign

7.43 Secs
Lens Playtime

Total CPM for Lens, Commercials, and Snap Ads

Unique Reach

+9 Point
Lift in Ad Awareness

Engaging a Younger Audience

Fruit of the Loom — a staple in the underwear and casual wear industry — brings style and comfort to customers across the globe. Wanting to expand their reach to a younger audience, the brand turned to Snapchat to develop a multi-product ad campaign to engage people in new and innovative ways.

Using Interactive and Gamified AR Experiences

Fruit of the Loom teamed up with Snapchat to launch an interactive, gamified AR experience to drive engagement, along with memorable Snap Ads and Commercials to help drive awareness. Harnessing the power of Snapchat’s unique audience enabled Fruit of the Loom to connect with the platform’s fashion-forward and trend-savvy young demographic. In collaboration with Snapchat and advertising agency GSD&M, the brand leaned into a dynamic campaign strategy featuring a mix of ad products, including Snap Ads, Commercial creatives, and a captivating AR Lens.

The AR Lens was specifically designed to engage Snapchatters using a gamified experience that challenged Snapchatters to virtually catch falling fruit — while avoiding the veggies! — to unlock a coupon code with their high score.

Successful CPM, Playtime, and Retail Averages

By leaning into a diverse product mix that leveraged ads in both content and the camera, Fruit of the Loom achieved success across their campaign. The brand saw an overall CPM of $6.26, and the engaging AR Lens was able to secure an average playtime of 7.43 seconds — 82% higher than Retail averages for that time frame. Additionally, the campaign helped to drive an overall +9-point lift in ad recall across the 7.9 million Snapchatters reached.

Snapchat has been a great partner in helping us expand into younger audiences while maintaining connection with our current customer. This campaign struck a great balance of high efficiency alongside high engagement, leading to strong performance all around.

Katie Over, Manager, Brand Communications, Fruit of the Loom

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