The Chefz Succeeds With 2023 Founding Day AR Campaign on Snapchat

23.82 Sec
Average Lens Playtime¹

Share Rate¹

Save Rate¹

Exceeded ROAS¹

The Chefz Leverages Snapchat’s Reach and Engagement

Founded in 2017, The Chefz is an online platform for food discovery and ordering. Through the app, users are able to find nearby restaurants, bakeries, and chocolate shops as well as browse menus and place orders for delivery. Hoping to transform their advertising approach in Saudi Arabia, The Chefz partnered with Snapchat to create a campaign that leveraged Snapchat’s exceptional reach and engagement.

Using Video Ads, Snap Ads, and AR Lens to Celebrate Saudi Founding Day

During 2023’s Saudi Founding Day — which celebrates the anniversary of the official founding of Saudi Arabia — The Chefz opted for a multi-product approach, collaborating with Snapchat to create Video Ads, Snap Ads, and an AR Lens for their campaign to generate remarkable engagement and virality. 

The Chefz used Video and Snap Ads to demonstrate the ease, excitement, and efficiency of getting gourmet dishes delivered right to your door. And with their AR Face Lens, Snapchatters were able to see themselves wearing traditional attire of Saudi Arabia.

Achieving Impressive Results

The campaign achieved an impressive average Lens playtime of 23.82 seconds, demonstrating the high level of user engagement on Snapchat. Additionally, the campaign proved the platform’s outstanding ability to help a brand go viral by achieving more-than 3x the industry standard in terms of shares. Plus, with the AR Lens garnering over 3x more saves than industry averages, The Chefz saw clearly how their brand creative resonated with Snapchat's audience. Finally, and most notably, the return on ad spend exceeded 20x, underscoring the exceptional return on investment achieved through Snapchat's platform. Successful campaign, delivered!

The partnership with Snapchat represents a significant step forward for The Chefz. We are committed to delivering exceptional culinary experiences to our customers, and this collaboration allows us to expand our reach and provide our services to an even wider audience. Together with Snapchat, we look forward to creating memorable moments for our customers and delivering the finest in food and sweets.

Abdullah Alghamdi, Marketing and Growth Director, The Chefz

On Snapchat, brands can connect with consumers throughout moments that matter. And in these real moments, brands have real influence.

Abdulrahman Madkhali, Marketing Manager, The Chefz

1 Data from Snap Ads Manage as of Feb. 15–Mar. 15, 2023.