Success Story
Success Story

Chappy cuts cost per install in half on Snapchat


Below cost per install goal


Boost in new users month-over-month

The Story

Chappy is a gay men’s dating app that promotes safe connections and meaningful relationships. The company sought to drive app installs below its target CPI while bringing in new users and building the brand among its target demo — males ages 18 to 25 in the US, Canada, and UK. In order to reach its audience and achieve its goals at scale and low cost, Chappy came to Snapchat to launch a series of Snap Ads. 

The Solution

Rather than produce a video ad that looked like a professional ad, Chappy created fun videos that looked and felt like Snaps people would normally send to friends. Each video ad featured Chappy’s relatable brand ambassadors talking about why they love the dating service. 
The video creative followed Snapchat’s creative best practices, which includes using a verbal call-to-action that prompts Snapchatters to swipe up and download. And with the help of Snap Publisher — Snapchat’s online tool for creating vertical video ads — Chappy could easily overlay its logo and a “download" button to its video creative. Snap Publisher also allowed Chappy to quickly create a variety of Top Snaps, which let it refresh its creative every few days.

The Results

Chappy was successful in acquiring users below its target CPI, consistently hitting a 50% lower cost per install. Its Snapchat campaigns drove a 200% boost in new users month-over-month, bringing in both downloads and some of Chappy’s most engaged users. Ultimately, this growth helped Chappy skyrocket to one of the top three gay men’s dating apps in the Apple App Store.