CeraVe Pairs Creator Content and AR on Snapchat for Successful Campaign Results

AR Lens CPM in DE¹

+10 pts
Action Intent Lift in DE²

+20 pts
Ad Awareness Lift in CH³

The Story: A Dermatologist Skincare Brand for All

The Skincare brand CeraVe is celebrated for their complete lineup of dermatologist-developed products formulated to enhance skin’s health and well-being. Every product features ceramides to strengthen and protect all types of skin, making CeraVe the skin barrier expert. Having focused their past campaigns on reaching Gen Zers and Millennials, CeraVe returned to Snapchat to once again tap into the platform’s large audience for their #CleanseLikeADerm campaign aimed at raising product awareness and educating young consumers about effective skincare practices.

The Solution: Education and Awareness Through Video and AR

Wanting to continue reaching both Gen Z and millennial audiences, CeraVe opted for a multi-product approach that leveraged Snapchat’s robust ad solutions, including immersive AR capabilities and influential creator community. To drive product awareness and educate Snapchatters about proper face cleansing, CeraVe offered users an interactive AR Lens that showcased the easy application — and satisfying results! — of their products. Additionally, the brand’s Video Ads featured Snapchat creators explaining the product and its benefits to viewers while using it in real time. CeraVe’s strategy of showcasing relatable creators in their ads helped the content feel more authentic in a way that’s native to Snapchat. This, combined with the engaging AR Lens, resulted in a holistic campaign with successful results.

The Results: Impressive Results in Germany and Switzerland

In both the German and Swiss market,¹ CeraVe’s #CleanseLikeADerm campaign reached more than 3.8 million unique Snapchatters!

In Germany, the campaign reached nearly 3.1 million German Snapchatters, leading to more than 17.7 million impressions from both the featured AR Lens and Snap Ads.¹ The AR Lens specifically turned out to be a highly engaging yet efficient format, achieving an average Lens playtime of 11.2 seconds and 14.8 million Lens plays, leading to a cost per lens play of less than €0.01 and a CPM of €2.73.¹ Plus, the Video Ads drove 2.9 million impressions.¹

CeraVe’s campaign proved to be very memorable, achieving significant lift in overall ad and brand awareness by 13 points and 12 points, respectively.² Moreover, the campaign successfully lifted the hard-to-move action intent by +10 points, reaching the brand’s intended goal of increasing awareness.²

In Switzerland, the campaign reached over 750,000 Snapchatters, accounting for more than 5.4 million impressions across products.¹

The AR Lens drove high engagement, reaching an average Lens playtime of 17.2 seconds and 4.2 million impressions with a cost per lens play of less than €0.01 while the Video Ads generated more than 1.2 million impressions.¹

The campaign also saw success in Switzerland, with a significant 21-point lift in overall ad awareness and a 7-point lift in brand awareness.³

Overall, CeraVe’s Snapchat campaign proved a stunning success! By using platform-native, creator-driven content and captivating, engaging AR, the brand was able to achieve their goals and create awareness around their products and best practices.

Working very closely with Snapchat and our media agency Wavemaker resulted in a highly successful campaign. With this campaign, we were able to educate GenZ and Millennials about a healthy skin barrier and ceramides.

Denise Woitaszczyk, Digital Brand & Communication Manager CeraVe DACH

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