CB2 consistently outperforms ROAS benchmarks with the introduction of Dynamic Ads


Conversion campaign ROAS


Q1 2020 Dynamic Ads ROAS


higher ROAS vs. CB2 internal benchmark

The Story

With the introduction of Dynamic Ads, in conjunction with their evergreen conversion campaigns, CB2’s campaigns have consistently garnered ROAS well above both CB2 internal benchmark.

The Solution

The use of creative that is both captivating and aspirational.The CB2 creative is a huge driver of their success. The logo and branding are always shown from the start, which grabs the users attention and has an immediate impact. Additionally, the creative is visually stunning and usually incorporates a great use of sound or music. The top performing creatives from the quarter garnered a ROAS well above CB2’s internal goal.

The flexibility to test and learn through diverse targeting. In addition to impactful creative, CB2's willingness to diversify targeting has helped identify the most effective targeting buckets for the brand. CB2 incorporates a variety of Datalogix, SLC, Nielsen and Pixel Audiences throughout their campaigns. They also have efficient CRM customer segmentation that have been uploaded to Ads Manager, including Loyal Customers, High Spend Base and New Beginners. All of which delivered impressive ROAS success.

The introduction of Dynamic Ads as an impactful Evergreen tactic. The use of Dynamic Ads was introduced towards the end of the quarter.  The strong results were seen immediately, with a huge uptick in overall ROAS and conversions.  From launch to the end of the quarter, Dynamic Ads drove a ROAS of $1181. This also translates to a 36% more efficient ROAS2 compared to CB2’s internal ROAS benchmark.

The Result

As a result of strong performance, CB2 approved incremental budget to be added to all live campaigns in Q2. Since adding the additional budget, results have continued to skyrocket. Within the first month of Q2 202, ROAS was 46% higher than CB2’s ROAS benchmark2.

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1 Data from Snap Ads Manager January-March 2020. Addressable reach, location, and age data are subject to limitations. See https://businesshelp.snapchat.com/en-US/a/audience-size-tool for details.
2 CB2 Internal Data