Success Story
Success Story

BrüMate sees 3x return on ad spend from Snapchat campaign


lower cost per acquisition vs. other channels


increase in website traffic


lower cost per click vs. other channels

The Story

BrüMate, The Dehydration Company, has reinvented the way people consume their favorite adult beverages. The e-commerce retailer sells temperature regulated bottles to keep your drink of choice cool for extended periods of time. BrüMate2 partnered with Snapchat to efficiently expand their reach to untapped markets and targeted audiences that could not be found on other platforms.

The Solution: Snap Ads

BrüMate’s ultimate goal was to generate sales and they achieved this by leveraging Snap Ads to drive purchases of their products at scale. BrüMate experimented with a range of predefined targeting criteria, including Snapchat Lifestyle Categories and Third Party Audiences. Then, they narrowed their targeting to focus on Snapchatters who were most likely to make a purchase through lookalikes of Snapchatters who visited their website and added products to their carts. By shifting their efforts toward targeting lookalikes, BrüMate was able to increase their website traffic more efficiently.

BrüMate also took advantage of Snapchat’s Goal Based Bidding optimization tool to reach the right audience effectively. Goal based bidding on pixel purchases allowed BrüMate to have greater control over their ad spending strategy. By shifting BrüMate’s bid strategy from bidding for swipes to bidding for conversions, BrüMate was able to efficiently reach Snapchatters most likely to buy.

The Result

Overall, Snapchat proved to be a top performing marketing partner for BrüMate . By using Snapchat’s targeting and optimization tools, BrüMate earned a 15% increase in traffic to their website at a 50% lower cost per click. At BrüMate, Snapchat now plays a significant role at both the top & the bottom of the funnel, due to its ability to drive cheap, targeted traffic to the website.

“Snapchat has been a vital part of our overall marketing strategy, and we strongly believe that every business should leverage the amazing opportunities that this platform has to offer.”

Michael Charalampous, BrüMate’s Paid Media & Content Partner