Bonkers Corner Lowers Advertising Costs with Multi-Product Snapchat Campaign

Reduction in CPP

Lift in ROAS

Bonkers Corner Partners with Snapchat

Bonkers Corner is a home-grown online brand that serves as an exclusive source of street wear fashion solely made in India. Their signature aesthetic stems from the dire need to stand out from the rest. Crazy balanced by comfort & chic. Looking to drive consideration among a unique audience, they partnered with Snapchat to drive sales.

Using Story Ads and Snapchat Ads

To reach their ultimate goal of driving efficient sales, Bonker’s Corner opted for a multi-product approach adding Story Ads along with Snap Ads to reach new and prospective customers.

33% Reduction in CPP

Leveraging multiple products resulted in 33% reduction in their Cost Per Purchase (CPP) & 44% lift in ROAS.

Through our extensive testing on Snapchat, we successfully leveraged the platform’s full funnel approach, effectively reaching Gen Z and Millennials with tailored communication. This strategic implementation resulted in a positive return on advertising spend (ROAS). The platform’s widespread popularity among Gen Z and Millennials enabled us to establish authentic connections, significantly enhancing brand awareness and ultimately driving sales for Bonkers Corner.

Prabhu Shetty, Head of Digital, Bonkers Corner