October 19, 2021
October 19, 2021

How to Use Snapchat Ads Manager: An Introduction

Check out this step-by-step guide of how to use Snapchat Ads Manager, our self-serve advertising platform, to improve your reach, performance, and results on Snapchat.

Snapchat Ads Manager lets you easily create, launch, and manage Snapchat Ads that reach a global audience, driving impactful results. Built for businesses of all sizes and industries, our self-serve advertising platform shows you how Snapchatters engage with your ads and unlocks new audiences without breaking the bank. With a minimum spend requirement of just $5 dollars a day, Snapchat Ads Manager allows businesses everywhere to connect with the people who are driving trends, behaviors, and conversations with full-screen digital ads made to inspire engagement and action.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through each of the key features in Snapchat Ads Manager to guide you in how to use it for your ad campaigns.

Snapchat Ads Manager Overview

  1. Advertise: Create and Manage Ads

  2. Assets: Customize Your Strategy to Align With Advertising Objectives

  3. Creative: Easily Build Ads With Our Free Creative Tools 

  4. Analyze: Measure Campaign Success and Optimize

  5. Business: Manage Settings, Accounts, and Public Profiles

Advertise: Create and Manage Ads

Snapchat Ads Manager provides useful tools and resources to help you create ad campaigns that are built for your unique business goals.

  • When you log into Ads Manager, navigate to Create Ads where you’ll see two ways to create your campaign: Instant Create and Advanced Create.

    • Instant Create: A simplified way to create a Single Image or Video Ad in five minutes or less. These ads can be used to promote your local storefront, increase web traffic, and drive mobile app or game installs.

    • Advanced Create: Create multiple ad sets with more advanced targeting and bidding capabilities. Advanced Create allows access to all ad types within Snapchat, giving you full control over your campaigns.

  • Manage Ads is the default view of Ads Manager and where you’ll find performance data and metrics for your ad accounts. From here, choose the results you’d like to view by selecting from ads, campaigns, or ad sets to monitor metrics, campaign delivery, outcomes, and more.

  • Snapchat’s Business Help Center is the perfect place to find tutorials, guides, and answers to common questions. The Business Help Center serves as an online learning portal where you can develop your expertise regarding all things Snapchat, including advertising solutions.

Assets: Customize Your Strategy to Align With Advertising Objectives

From tracking and targeting to creating custom audiences, developing an effective advertising campaign strategy is invaluable.

  • Under Events Manager, you can track events and set up your Snap Pixel, a piece of JavaScript code that measures the impact of your campaigns and the actions taken on your site by Snapchatters after seeing your ad.

  • Audiences is where you can find, build, and reach your target customers on Snapchat. Create and manage customer lists, filter by segment, or view and edit existing lists like Custom, Lookalike, and Saved Audiences.

    • Custom Audiences allow you to connect with specific Snapchatters based on data unique to your business, product, or service.

    • Lookalike Audiences reach Snapchatters who are likely to be interested in your business as they have similar characteristics to your existing customers.

    • Saved Audiences let you quickly create targetable audience segments that you can apply to your ad sets when creating a campaign.

  • Inside the Apps option, verify your apps with a Snap App ID and mobile measurement partner (MMP). The Snap App ID is a unique code generated by advertisers to verify ownership of their apps, unlock new features, and ensure control over their data.

  • The last option under Assets is Catalogs, allowing you to manage your product inventory through a one-time upload or a daily product feed. Catalogs contain relevant product information for items sold on your site that can be used to advertise on Snapchat.

Creative: Easily Build Ads With Our Free Creative Tools

Snapchat’s creative tools are free to use and make it easier for anyone to build their ad creative, helping to increase sales and ROI.

  • The first option under the Creative tab is Creative Library, where you can design and manage ad content. Search, filter, and browse through your ads, as well as view details like approval status, shareability, type of creative, and call to action.

  • Under Create Video, you’ll see options for adding images and video to your ads using Snap Publisher, where you can create, enhance, and customize relevant ad content for your audience. You can also pull assets directly from your website and generate multiple variations to find out what performs best.

  • Choose Create AR Lenses to create augmented reality Lenses using a template or from scratch with our Lens Web Builder tool. AR Lenses let you invite Snapchatters into your world and story, whether to play, learn, or purchase through authentic and immersive experiences that drive business objectives.

  • Use artistic overlays with smart text and images under the Create Filter option. Snapchat Filters allow brands to take part in the millions of Snaps sent between friends daily. Snapchatters in your location of choice will have the option to use your Snapchat Filter to add playful or informative enhancements to their Snap.

Analyze: Measure Campaign Success and Optimize

Snapchat Ads Manager is ideal for analyzing ad campaigns, viewing performance, building reports, and taking action.

  • Under the Analyze tab, Audience Insights tells you more about your target audience on Snapchat, letting you create relevant content and define additional audience segments to grow reach. Audience Insights are available to all advertisers globally and show advertisers data like device use, demographics, location, and interest categories.

  • Create and schedule reports to track performance and results under Reports, where you’ll build custom reports that can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Simply create a report and set the cadence details, filters, dimensions, and metrics.

  • With Campaign Lab, set up campaign experiments for actions, insights, and learning agendas. These tools show you where to begin testing to identify what’s working and where to take action to improve your campaign strategy. If using Advanced Create, you can also set up split testing to test variables and see what strategies perform best.

Business: Manage Settings, Accounts, and Public Profiles

Snapchat Ads Manager is a secure way to manage your organization’s account settings from beginning to end.

  • Under Business Details, you can manage company settings, ranging from updating basic info to setting up payment methods and ad accounts.

  • Ad Accounts is where you’ll manage account settings and memberships within the accounts you own or that have been shared with you. This holds various ad and billing information to help you manage your campaigns.

  • Under Members, you’re able to invite, update roles, and manage individuals within your organization, depending on your role and level of access.

  • With Billing & Payments, you can manage payment methods for your organization, update your billing information, purchase Snap Ad products, or establish payment options including credit and PayPal.

  • Set up your Public Profile to assign members and begin sharing content. Your Public Profile acts as a discoverable home for your brand to feature unique Snapchat assets, filters, and content, including AR Lenses, Public Stories, Saved Stories, and native commerce stores with Shopify.

  • Finally, Snapchat’s Creator Marketplace is where you’ll find top creators to collaborate with on content for Snapchat Ads. Snap’s Creator Marketplace gives businesses a chance to discover and partner with top AR Lens creators, video creators, and Snap Stars, making it easier for brands and creators to work together.

Snapchat Ads Manager offers brands of all sizes full-funnel solutions to achieve your business goals. Check out Snap Focus, our official learning portal for marketers, to learn more about Snapchat Ads Manager.