July 29, 2021

Introducing Campaign Lab

Introducing Campaign Lab, the hub for your scientific experiments on Snapchat!
We strongly believe every advertiser should run scientific experiments on their marketing campaigns to get insights into what’s working best for them. This is why we launched Split Tests in Ads Manager in 2020. 
Today, we’re excited to announce Campaign Lab, a new section within Ads Manager where advertisers can easily set up and act on scientific campaign experimentation in a completely self-serve way. It includes actions, insights, and learning agendas to help you understand where to start your tests, form hypotheses, identify what’s working, and take action accordingly to inform your campaign strategy.
Campaign Lab is easily accessible from the Ads Manager navigation bar.
In the Experiments tab, advertisers can create new Split Tests (within the Advanced Create flow), and see customized recommendations in the Learning Center. 
  • Decide what to do next: The ‘Learning Center’ and ‘Recommendations’ sections of Campaign Lab will proactively surface targeted ideas for what to do next.
  • Create new split tests: Campaign Lab will directly link to the Advanced Create flow to facilitate campaign creation.
  • Track and analyze your split tests: Campaign Lab will include detailed reports, and a single place to see scheduled, ongoing, and previously run split tests.
Head over to your Ads Manager to test Campaign Lab now!

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