October 6, 2021
October 6, 2021

How to Use Audience Insights to Improve Campaign Success on Snapchat

Do you want your advertising to be efficient and effective? The best marketers leverage the power of testing and audience insights to help improve advertising effectiveness, inform ad creative, and find opportunities to reach new customers. 

The most impactful marketing happens when your ad creative, messaging, and calls to action work together to speak directly to your target audience (the people who are most likely to and excited to purchase your products), driving them to convert. Being able to do this effectively means you must understand exactly who your audience is and what drives them along their path to purchase. Fully understanding your audience involves building audience profiles, crafting hypotheses around your audience, and testing those theories to recognize what's working in your marketing mix, and what’s falling flat. Simply put, tailoring your marketing to your target audience will result in better engagement, and therefore improved results. 

Having this knowledge not only enables you to create more efficient ads, but also gives you the insights needed to effectively segment campaigns to specific audiences - helping you create more relevant content for specific audiences. 

On Snapchat, finding success with your advertising campaigns is easy with the powerful Audience Insights tools. 
What are Audience Insights?
Snapchat’s Audience Insights allows you to look more closely at thousands of different groups of Snapchatters, including those who have viewed or engaged with your ads. It provides businesses with the ability to learn how Snapchatters are responding to ads, and even more, insights into exactly who that audience is - what they are interested in, where they are, and more. Audience Insights surface additional targetable segments to grow your reach on Snapchat. 

Audience Insights combines Snapchatter data - such as demographics interest categories and behavioral data - with external data from select third party data partners to give you more holistic insight on who your audience is, and what they’re doing on the platform.

Easily review your audience:
  • Demographics: See age and gender breakdowns, languages, household income, education levels, and more.
  • Locations: Discover region and DMA (Designated Market Area) breakdowns.
  • Interests: Learn about interests, both 1st and 3rd party.
  • Devices: Understand OS (Operating System), device and carrier breakdowns.
Updates coming in 2022: 
  • Content Consumption: Shows what publishers, and content sources your audience is spending the most time with. 
  • Camera Usage: Reveals more about how your audience engages with AR Lenses and Filters. 
  • Compare Custom Audiences: Dive deeper into traits that are unique to your audience by making comparisons against other custom user groups.
How can I access Audience Insights?
Audience Insights are available to all advertisers globally in Ads Manager. If you already have an Ads Manager Account and Business Account on Snapchat, you can access Audience Insights by logging into Ads Manager, clicking into the menu, and selecting ‘Audience Insights’ under ‘Analyze.’ From there, you can enter targeting information such as location, demographics, devices and more. This will show you unique information about your target audience and how they compare to other Snapchatters. 

To access Audience Insights:
  1. Log in to Ads Manager.
  2. Click the menu in the top corner and select ‘Audience Insights’ under ‘Analyze.’
  3. Input your targeting information including: locations, demographics, audiences, and devices. The Audience Insights for the specified targeting parameters will begin to update. 
  4. Click 'Save' in the top corner.  

Learn how to use Saved Audiences in an ad set and export reports.
How to Act on Your Insights
Audience Insights is an easy-to-use tool that can help all advertisers learn more about their target audience on Snapchat and understand how to build out content and ad creative that is optimized towards specific advertising goals. 

Under Audience Insights in Ads Manager, the table will start to populate with information about the audience data you’ve entered. View each tab separately to understand the breakdown of your audience by demographics, locations, interests and devices. 

On Snapchat, there’s a number of ways you can act on the knowledge gained from understanding your Audience Insights: 
  • Create relevant audiences that can be activated with Saved Audiences: A Saved Audience allows you to quickly create targetable audience segments that you can apply to your ad sets when creating a campaign. Saved Audiences are perfect for finding that right mix of targeting that works with your ads and campaigns on Snapchat. 
  • See the interests of people in your Custom Audience: Custom Audiences allow you to reach specific Snapchatters based on data that is unique to your business, product, or service. Some examples of Custom Audiences are Lookalike Audiences, Snap Audience Match Audiences, and Pixel Custom Audiences. Learning more about the specific interests of people within these audiences can help you create hyper relevant ad content or messaging to help you optimize your campaigns and effectively reach your goals. 
  • Adjust bids by device, including type and carrier: By using Snapchat’s Goal-Based Bidding to optimize your ad delivery for certain goals, you can adjust your bids for the devices Snapchatters are using. For example, if you have a strong understanding of what types of phones your target audience is primarily using (maybe you know your audience converts well on newer iOS devices), you can optimize your campaigns to reach those with that specific device within your campaigns. 
  • See the demographic breakdown of people in your Custom Audience: Knowing the demographics of Snapchatters who are receiving your ads can help you expand the reach of your campaigns by adding segments that resemble your target audience.
  • Find new reach opportunities: By finding new audiences with similar interests composition, and potentially larger reach, you can find new potential groups of customers. 
  • Build a Persona of your target audience: Snapchat allows users to be their free and authentic selves. As such, Snap’s first party behavior data gives a unique view of who your audience is, and how they spend their time - which can be incredibly powerful in informing your overall audience personas.  
  • Understand Creative Context: For creative teams, Audience Insights data can be really helpful in understanding where Snapchatters are spending their time in-app, and therefore where the brand’s ads are most likely to be shown. This allows creative teams to really fine-tune creative look and feel so that it fits seamlessly into the Snap experience. 

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