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Saudi National Day

2 in 3 Snapchatters say their Saudi National Day shopping is influenced by what they see on Snapchat.¹ Create your first Snapchat ad and claim a $375 credit when you spend $350.

A Time for Pride, Tradition
and Shopping

Saudi Arabian woman promotes her business on Snapchat to boosts sales.

Peak shopping day
72% of Snapchatters in Saudi Arabia make purchases for Saudi National Day.² Reach them with gift ideas, clothing, food and drink, and ideas for celebrating.

Real relationships, real results
On Snapchat, you can reach people who are 45% more likely to recommend advertised products and services to friends.³

More likely to buy
Snapchat audiences are 34% more likely to purchase products advertised when compared to watching the same ad on other platforms.⁴

Achieve your business goals
Snapchat Ads are built to help you succeed in increasing sales, building awareness for your business, and meeting new customers.
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Get started with a $375 ad credit
Create your ad and get $375 in ad credit when you spend $350 on your first campaign.
Additional terms apply.⁵

3 Tips for Snapchat Ads Success

Improve your Saudi National Day ads with these best practices.

  1. Video advertisements convey more information in less time and are more eye-catching. If you don't have time to set up a video ad, single image ads can also catch customers' attention and communicate your message.

  2. Most Snapchatters plan for Saudi National Day either the week or day before.⁶ Run ads before, during, and after the occasion to maximize your campaign impact.

  3. With your ad creative, encourage your audience to act quickly by creating a sense of urgency with phrases like "limited time only" or "limited stock."

Start Advertising on Snapchat today

Steps to start advertising on Snapchat
  1. Set up or log in to your personal Snapchat account.

  2. Create your business account in Ads Manager, Snapchat’s self-serve advertising tool by clicking on 'Create an ad' below.

  3. The $375 ad credit will automatically be applied to your account, pending creation of your first ad and $350 in spend.

  4. Build your first Snapchat Ads campaign in time for Saudi National Day.
Create an Ad
Get started with a $375 ad credit
Receive $375 in ad credits when you spend $350 on your first ad campaign.
Happy Saudi National Day to you and yours.
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5 Offer is only open to first-time advertisers and will appear once you've created your new Snapchat Ads account. To earn this credit, within 14 days of accepting the offer by clicking one of the offer links on this page and setting up your new Ad Account, the applicable Ad Account (i) must accrue at least the Spend amount stated in the offer (“Spend”), excluding taxes, and (ii) only for those Ad Accounts which pay for Business Services via a Payment Card or Alternative Payment Method, the payment for the Spend must have been successfully made to Snap. Credit will be applied to this Ad Account within one business day of the satisfaction of (i) and (ii) and will expire 30 days later. Credits apply to future costs of advertising inventory, excluding taxes, purchased via the Business Services on the applicable Ad Account only. Credit cannot be split across multiple Ad Accounts and is not transferable. Not redeemable for cash or cash equivalent and may not be used in combination with any other coupon or promotional offer.
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