Highway Car Accessories Gets Results With

Saudi National Day Campaign

Cost per purchase (CPP) was $23, which was 18% lower than the industry benchmark during Saudi National Day

Snap ads contributed to 86% of all purchases made

More than 80% of purchases resulted from 35+ females

Max bid strategy resulted in an 80% reduction in the CPP to $23

A struggle to compete during Saudi National Day celebrations.

Highway for Car Accessories sells women's gloves to prevent sunburn while driving their cars in Saudi Arabia. It's a smaller company operating in a crowded industry that's full of online sellers, all looking to capture the attention of potential customers. 

This creates significant advertising challenges — particularly during Saudi National Day when competition is at its most intense: Low purchase rates, higher costs per purchase, and a fierce battle for customer attention. 

Still, the industry is booming, and demand for car accessories of all varieties remains high. All these factors made finding the right advertising platform a top priority. That's where Snapchat came in.

A headstart on the competition delivers.

Snapchat is a popular platform embraced by a wide variety of audiences as they share, celebrate, and connect. It's where 90% of Snapchatters in Saudi Arabia enjoy commemorating special occasions by making purchases for themselves or others.¹

Highway for Car Accessories recognized this potential and chose to launch a full Saudi National Day campaign before other sellers ramped up their advertising efforts — utilizing the gaps in time where it could still compete despite its competitive disadvantages.

Launching early gave the advertiser nearly a 30-day buffer before Saudi National Day, allowing the freedom to compete at lesser bidding rates and still hold its own against more financially capable competitors.

A shift in targeting also yielded significant returns. Initially, the company's ads were made for younger audiences — ages 24-34. After analyzing its purchase audience, the company concluded that launching an additional ad set for customers aged 35+ years might give it the edge it needed.

A boost in sales at lower costs.

Focusing its messaging on Millennial audiences proved to be a smart move. Initial campaign results were strong, outperforming expectations with 82 purchases and a CPP of $30. Those numbers continued to improve almost overnight as the number of purchases increased to 152 and the CPP decreased to $23.93.

Over the course of 10 days, the campaign continued to perform well, resulting in more sales and a further decrease in CPP. Yet, as time went on, the CPP experienced a significant increase. To address this, the bid type was changed to Max Bid, delivering a lower CPP than the industry average of $26 to $28. 

Ultimately, the campaign generated 1,112 purchases and 7,376,137 paid impressions in the 30 days leading up to Saudi National Day.

Snapchat put us on the same level as larger competitors as potential customers celebrated Saudi National Day. Expanded targeting and smart bidding strategies made it both fun and easy to iterate as the campaign progressed, driving down our CPP and giving us a slight advantage in the space. That made all the difference during one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year in Saudi Arabia.

Eissa Murshed, Digital Marketing Manager at Highway for Car Accessories

1 2022 NRG study commissioned by Snap Inc. | Base: Snapchatters (n=978) | Q: When it comes to gift giving and receiving, large and small, how much do you agree with each of the following?