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Create interactive and memorable experiences

Drive results with mobile-first creative for the camera-first generation.

We interact with our smartphone cameras every day

That’s why we created AR Lenses, a new kind of ad format that encourages fun, engagement, and discovery.

Venom Lens
Interactive Experiences

AR Lenses close the physical gap between you and your customers. It’s total immersion by way of transforming people’s faces and the world around them. This new ad format offers not just impressions, but “play time” — the time Snapchatters spend playing with your interactive ad.

Dog Face Lens

Reach the 70 million Snapchatters who play with AR Lenses every day. AR Lenses are great for driving results across all business objectives — including awareness, engagement, product trials, and sales lift.

Camera Marketing

Turn shared photos and videos into moments of brand advocacy with branded augmented reality experiences.

Dominos Lens
In Camera

Reach Snapchatters actively looking for AR Lenses to play with.

Buy Types

National Takeover

Reach all Snapchatters in a country by airing an AR Lens in our camera for one day.

Reach & Frequency*

Plan and buy in advance, with predictable ad delivery and customizable frequency of your AR Lenses.

O2 Lens
In Content

Give Snapchatters the option to “swipe up” from your Snap Ad to play.

Buy Type

Snap Ad Auction

Advertisers can bid using Goal Based Bidding (GBB) to optimize for swipes at the lowest cost by showing their Snap Ads to Snapchatters who are most likely to swipe up and play with your AR Lens.

Get inspired by how HBO, McDonald's, Amazon, and BMW used AR Lenses to achieve their goals.