March 12, 2020
March 12, 2020

Create your own branded Lenses with Lens Web Builder

Introducing Lens Web Builder from Snapchat! Lens Web Builder makes it easy to create augmented reality Lens campaigns directly in Ads Manager

Introducing Lens Web Builder from Snapchat! Lens Web Builder makes it easy to create augmented reality (AR) Lens campaigns directly in Snapchat’s Ads Manager.

You can choose from a library of hundreds of 3D objects, animations, and effects to build your own custom branded AR Lens. You can also upload your own 2D assets (such as logos and images) to further customize the AR experience. Once you're finished, you can select your Lenses in the Creative Library of Ads Manager when launching campaigns.

Lens Web Builder is:

  • Simple​: Create your own AR experience by picking from hundreds of 3D objects & animations

  • Fast​: It only takes a few minutes to create your first Lens

  • Free​: Brands or businesses with any budget can now access this immersive format. There are no creative fees to access our repository of 3D assets, however daily minimum campaign spend requirements apply.

Use Lens Web Builder to create your own branded Lens from scratch, or choose from a library of templates. Building a Lens from scratch gives you full control over what 3D assets you want included in your Lens, plus any sound and/or text you’d like to include. Starting with a template allows you to use a pre-selected combination of 3D assets as the basis of your Lens, instead of choosing each element individually.

Clover, the mobile on-demand dating service, has been working with Snapchat for three years on direct response campaigns to acquire new users. Augmented reality Lenses were a product Clover wanted to explore, understanding that Lenses have a unique ability to drive deep engagement through playtime and brand endorsement through shares.

Snapchat’s release of Lens Web Builder allowed Clover to start testing AR. The web-based tool was easy to use and could be created in-house with minimal time invested from Clover’s creative team. Clover has leaned in and saw a 7% share rate on their Lenses created with Lens Web Builder. They’ve since quickly and efficiently created multiple Lenses for use in their media campaigns.

In the words of Clover, “Lens Web Builder was a game changer for us. We had been looking for ways to test AR with our unique brand spin. We needed a tool that was easy to use and didn’t take up too much of our team’s time. Lens Web Builder was the answer. We continue to invest in creating Lenses as complements to our performance campaigns and are blown away by the share rates and playtime we see.”

Learn more about Snapchat’s Lens Web Builder here. Get started by building your own Lens on Ads Manager today!