Try-on Technology: The Giving Movement Breaks New Ground in MENA







The Story

Even the most innovative of brands have to jostle for space in a crowded marketplace at times – and The Giving Movement is no exception. Identifying the need to stand out from its competitors, the sustainable athleisure retailer, based in the UAE, turned to Snapchat for its array of creative and AR solutions. 

Having celebrated significant results after leveraging Snapchat’s Light Platform Burst as part of its Singles Day promotion last year, The Giving Movement chose to break new ground this time around.

An experimental brand by its very nature, it seized the chance to use Snapchat’s most innovative try-on lenses – making it the first brand to implement the technology in the MENA region.

The Solution: Try-on lenses

To drive brand awareness, engagement and sales in a limited time frame, The Giving Movement leveraged a Snapchat Lens and gave its audience an opportunity to indulge in a unique in-store shopping experience through the power of AR technology.

Opting for a full-funnel approach and taking into consideration it was a new initiative and a first-time lens for The Giving Movement,  the brand decided to test this engaging lens across three key objectives – awareness, engagement and conversions – between December 1 2021 and January 25 2022.

While browsing the brand’s collection, the audience could simply raise a hand in order to change outfits, and could even share their look with friends and family prior to purchase, through the lens’ offline activation. 

This strategy not only supported and propelled brand awareness, but ultimately acted as a vehicle for potential conversions.

The Results

Pioneering this technology in the MENA region proved particularly successful for The Giving Movement, with the AR strategy driving significant results.

Over the course of eight weeks and across the three key aforementioned objectives, the strategy generated 4.49M impressions, drove a 1.79M reach, resulted in 26.7K swipes, and culminated in a 3.438x ROAS. 1

This approach not only reinforced the importance of product diversification on performance metrics, but cemented The Giving Movement’s reputation as a bonafide trailblazer in its field.

“The try-on concept was on my mind for quite some time, and after joining The Giving Movement, I saw a lot of potential in incorporating such an innovative idea into TGM’s marketing mix. I couldn’t think or count on anyone better than Snapchat and their partners to bring this very engaging concept to life.”

- Adham Awde, Digital Marketing Manager

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1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of November 29 - January 25, 2022