The Giving Movement's Multi-Product Approach for Singles Day on Snapchat


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ROAS overall in Saudi Arabia

The Story

The Giving Movement believes small acts, multiplied by many, can transform the world. Launched in April 2020 by UK-native Dominic Nowell-Barnes, the sustainable athleisure brand is proudly based in the UAE – where increased focus is being placed on eco-friendly production. 

Describing itself as ‘humanity in motion,’ the brand wants to inspire a global movement around conscious consumerism through the act of giving. Its goal for 2021 is to raise $1M for Harmony House and Dubai Cares by donating $4 to charity for every item purchased.
For its Singles Day promotion, which showcased both Sale and New Collection items and targeted both millennial and Gen Z audiences, The Giving Movement sought to drive the highest amount of unique reach in GCC in a limited time frame.

Having recently expanded to Saudi Arabia, The Giving Movement partnered with Snap to run its 2021 Singles Day promotion. The brand wanted to maximise its regional presence within a short timeframe while still driving its primary ROAS KPI, so it leveraged Lite Platform Burst in Saudi Arabia using multiple Snap products (Snap, Story and Commercial Ads) set up to drive a guaranteed 6M+ unique reach within a 4 day period, in combination with current Direct Response campaigns running in all GCC countries.

The Solution: The Multi Product Approach

With the Lite Platform Burst providing a 6M+ increase in unique reach within a four-day timeframe, The Giving Movement recognised the engagement and awareness opportunities afforded by the product and ran it alongside Snap, Story and Dynamic Ads. 
This two-pronged approach was implemented to test the impact of both objectives, and it generated high awareness, huge reach and achieved performance KPIs in a limited time frame. By combining a traditional Direct Response campaign with a four-day Lite Platform Burst in Saudi Arabia, The Giving Movement was able to generate increased awareness in its area of recent expansion.

The Result

The Giving Movement achieved noteworthy results within the Single’s day period. We were able to drive a $3.8 Return On Ad Spend against the Platform Burst and a 11.7X ROAS overall in Saudi Arabia across all campaigns combined. And 12.2X Return On Ad Spend across the GCC campaign as a whole, which combined both Platform Burst and Direct Response activity. This approach significantly enhanced performance and ultimately drove double the reach. 1

By utilising a multi-product approach, The Giving Movement enjoyed higher reach, a wider audience and increased engagement. With Commercials and Story Ads generating strong results, the brand made the decision to continue including them in its strategy.
“The addition of Snapchat to TGM’s media mix drove significant growth for the company and allowed us to tap into a new customer base and scale our prospecting activity whilst returning a positive ROAS.”
– Lucy Nickerson, Marketing Manager

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1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of November 8 - November 11, 2021