Snap Forecasts Further Success for Rains in New Markets






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The Story

With origins in the Danish city of Aarhus, Rains has become synonymous with distinctly durable outerwear, characterised by a sleek, streamlined aesthetic.

Notably refusing to sacrifice fashion for functionality, Rains has expertly ticked both boxes – carving a coveted place for itself in the lifestyle market.

Eager to raise brand awareness among new audiences, scale reach in international markets and ultimately drive website conversions, Rains recently partnered with Snap again. The motivation for this decision came from Obsidian, the brand’s agency, identifying Snap as a valuable addition to Rains’ marketing strategy following a successful initial campaign.

Targeting 18-50-year-olds of all genders in the US, UK, France, Italy, Denmark, Germany and Sweden, the brand dedicated itself to driving a positive ROAS across a holiday season.

The Solution: AR Lens

Recognising the role a full-screen experience plays in supporting branding and performance objectives, Rains made the decision to leverage the AR Lens for maximum impact – incentivising Snapchatters to engage.

The brand was eager to reach the largest audience possible, so it opted for broad targeting without exclusion. Further to this, it optimised against Pixel Purchase using Target Cost as a bidding strategy.

Over the course of the campaign, a pattern emerged that showed the markets which generated the most impressions also drove the highest ROAS and conversions.

The Results

Seeking to simultanouesly drive awareness and conversions within this format was uncharted territory for Rains – but the results exceeded the brand’s expectations.

Indeed, the lens achieved one of the best ROAS for Rains within the timeframe, with the campaign driving a 2.93x ROAS, 3,308 saves, and 17,072 shares1.

With the AR lens making a discernible impact on new markets, Rains has made the decision to continue including it in its marketing strategy.

"Our motivation to create an AR Lens in our Snapchat advertising was to combine a conversion ad with engaging awareness content. We saw an unexpected engagement rate from our audience, who saved and shared a great amount of images when using our AR Try-On Lens. All in all, we will definitely do more AR Lenses in the future.” 

- Kasper Kjærgaard Nielsen, Head of E-commerce

1 Rains Internal Data 2021