Hot sauce brand TRUFF achieves massive ROI on Snapchat


Lower CPM on Snapchat compared to other platforms


Decrease in Cost Per Page View compared to other platforms


Decrease in Cost Per Purchase compared to other platforms


Increase in ROAS compared other platforms

The Story

TRUFF, a luxury hot sauce brand inspired by the unique and indulgent flavor found in truffles, quickly achieved viral status upon launching and has since gained a loyal following of foodies, influencers, and celebrities alike. Their key objective on Snapchat was to reach new customers profitably, and engage with Snapchatters who are communicating with close friends and family on a daily basis. 

The Solution

Working with video creative captured with an iPhone, TRUFF was able to launch ads quickly using Snap Publisher. Using a series of Video Ads and Story Ads to showcase their delicious hot sauce being used in everyday situations, TRUFF found that raw video creative resonated well when prospecting new potential customers, and more polished content worked best for retargeting campaigns. To ensure their ads were viewed by Snapchatters that mattered most to their business, TRUFF utilized goal-based bidding and optimized towards driving online purchases. Using a Target Cost bidding strategy, TRUFF was able to maintain a specified CPA when testing different creatives. Once they identified what ad creative resonated most with their audience, TRUFF scaled up their campaigns and switched to an auto bidding strategy - allowing them to obtain the most goal actions given their budget and target audience. 

The Result

Using a winning combination of Video Ads and Story Ads, and by utilizing Ads Manager’s goal-based bidding, TRUFF was able to acquire new customers at a much lower price compared to other platforms. TRUFF achieved a 162% drop in cost per impression1 when compared to other platforms, a 71.24% drop in cost per page view1 when compared to other platforms, and a 30.52% decrease in cost per purchase compared to other platforms1. Overall, TRUFF was able to achieve a 34.67% boost in ROAS1 when compared to other platforms.

“We are very pleased with the results that we have been achieving with Snapchat advertising so far. Our plan is to shift our budget away from other channels and place it into Snap.” 
- Blake Driver, Head of Acquisition, Sauce Ventures

1 TRUFF internal data