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Holiday Optimization Best Practices

Give your ads a festive look and feel by refreshing your content throughout the holiday season.

Optimize Your Holiday Ads for Better Performance

Snapchat audiences are 34% more likely to purchase products advertised when compared to watching the same ad on other platforms.¹ And this is the time of year that all that spending power kicks into overdrive. Keep your ads looking sharp throughout the holiday season by refreshing creative and using these best practices.

  • Narrow your targeting: This season is all about customization. The low CPMs help reach these small audiences with efficiency. 

  • Avoid audience overlap: If multiple Ad Sets target similar audiences, you could see better results by consolidating them into one Ad Set with a larger budget. 

  • Diversify ad format and creatives: Use 2-5 creatives under each Ad Set and try different Ad Formats for maximum results.

  • Automation is key: By leveraging your product catalog and the Snap Pixel, you can automate ad creation and optimize for the actions most important to your business.

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Test and Learn for a Greater Return

Snapchat Ads Manager includes Campaign Lab, a helpful tool for setting up tests and improving results. To make the most of this feature, here are some useful testing tips.

3 optimization tips and tricks:

  • Start with an Audience Test, comparing various lifestyle segments and custom audiences to pinpoint effective targeting. 

  • Run Creative Testing to determine which creative approach resonates best with your audience.

  • Test different Goal Strategies to understand which objective produces the best results for your business.

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Maximize Your Ad Performance All Season Long

Ready to get a jump start on your holiday campaigns? We have a plan to help you meet your audience at every stage of the buying cycle.

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1 2022 Neuro-Insight study, commissioned by Snap, Inc