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With 347million* Snapchatters across more than 43 countries** using the platform every day, Snapchat is a stage for your business — and your audience is the world. 

From supporting brand discovery and awareness to encouraging app downloads and product sales, find out how Snapchat can connect brands to consumers across the globe.

Get ready to Go Global and reach the Snapchat Generation!

This page aims to provide all the information for getting started on Snapchat, how to engage with the influential Snapchat Generation audience, drive business outcomes at scale and how existing clients are driving results through video and augmented reality.
Discover our best practices with various guidelines, key market insights, and learn how to get started today!

Insights by Market

Snapchat reaches audiences across the globe!
And the Snapchat community is bigger and more engaged than ever - with 347million5 Snapchatters across more than 43 countries6 using the platform every day.
Check out our MAU summary across our core markets.

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Success Stories

Businesses across APAC have already found tremendous success targeting Snapchat’s global audience.

Check out how Hyperconnect achieved increase ad awareness by partnering with Snapchat.

Discover more Snap success stories here and search by location, vertical ad product or objective!

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Snap Focus is Snapchat’s educational learning portal where everyone from strategists, media planners, buyers and more can learn the ins-and-outs of the platform and add a new tool to their belt.

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