A Global Connection: Snapchat Boosts Ad Awareness for Hyperconnect


increase in Ad Awareness in Saudi Arabia


ROAS in France vs other channels


uplift in App installs in Saudi Arabia

The Story
Founded in 2014, Hyperconnect is one of South Korea’s leading global video communication companies. Its key mission is to connect people through shared interests and create enjoyment.
To expand on this mission and reach a global audience, Hyperconnect wanted to fuel growth, drive user acquisition and generate stronger engagement, with particular focus on two of its core apps; Azar and Hakuna Live.

By partnering with Snapchat, Hyperconnect wanted to increase the reach of social discovery app Azar across MENA and Europe, while scaling interactive live-streaming service Hakuna in MENA and the US.

The Solution

Based on a desire to transcend borders, barriers and boundaries, Hyperconnect sought to reach a socially-oriented and highly communicative audience through Snapchat.
Targeting custom audiences and users aged 18+, Hyperconnect wanted to promote a new avatar feature within Azar while driving further new installs of Hakuna Live. To do this, the brand leveraged AR Face Lenses and Snap Ads in its strategy.
To grow Azar’s reach across MENA, Hyperconnect leveraged a multi-format approach by combining unique AR experiences with video ads. Utilising this product mix meant that the brand could successfully promote its new avatar feature across both camera and content.
Meanwhile, in order to drive user acquisition for Hakuna Live, Hyperconnect created videos featuring influencers interacting with the Face Lens, which led to a boost in app installs.
The Snap products used in Hyperconnect’s approach ultimately drove efficient cost per install, while reaching and engaging its target audience.

The Results
The connection between Hyperconnect and Snapchat was undeniable, driving discernible results for the brand.
As a result of the partnership, Hyperconnect celebrated an 8+ increase in Ad Awareness 1 in Saudi Arabia and a 3.4X ROAS 2 in France versus other channels in its Azar strand of the campaign. Simultaneously, the Hakuna Live strand saw a 53% uplift in App installs in Saudi Arabia. 3
By partnering with Snap, Hyperconnect reached a highly engaged and like-minded audience, which ultimately boosted Ad Awareness and App Installs.
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