Improving Performance and Measurement Best Practices

Enhance Signal Quality

If you’re looking for an alternative to SKAdNetwork and want to expand the reach of your app campaigns while unlocking more flexibility around set-up and reporting, Advanced Conversions makes that possible. Work with your Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) to enable this option in their dashboard.

Enable Advanced Conversions Measurement with Snap App ID

The Snap App ID is a unique code generated in Ads Manager. This is how you can verify ownership of your apps to unlock new features and ensure control over your measurement data.

How to set-up the Snap App ID:

  1. Click “Apps” In the dropdown at the top of the screen and hit “Add an App”. Input the name for the app you are setting up.

  2. Input the details for the IOS app ID and the Android App ID. This will attach your unique app to the integration.

  3. Select which MMP you would like to share data with from the drop down.

  4. Follow the instructions with your selected MMP to complete the integration within their platform.

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Understanding App Campaign Tracking

Learn how iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency impacts app campaign attribution, reporting and measurement on Snapchat.

iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency

Mobile apps available for download on the App Store must use Apple's permission system, App Tracking Transparency (ATT). This system allows iOS users to opt-in to tracking across apps and websites.

Our stance

Snapchat prompts Snapchatters to select how they’d like to be tracked, and continues to collect identifiers such as IDFA for Opt-in events on iOS 14 devices. Our product team has been working to improve our measurement products and build new solutions around campaign management.

Please note, Android devices are not impacted by this update.

App campaign reporting and measurement impact:

  • SKAdNetwork is required to utilize App Goal-Based Bidding optimizations with App Install Ads for iOS Opt-outs.

  • MMP user-level reporting will no longer be available for Opt-out users.

  • Conversion Lift will not be supported for iOS app events.

  • Consider integrating Snap’s new advertising SDK, App Ads Kit.

Reporting Dimensions and Attribution Windows that are no longer available:

  • Conversion reporting dimensions: Region, DMA, Device Make, Snap Lifestyle Category, and Product ID.

  • Lookback windows: 28-day view.

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Impact and Action Recommendations

Learn the impact of audience targeting and take the correct course of action.

Impacts on Audience Targeting:

  • Expect your Mobile App Custom Audiences to reduce in volume.

  • Auto-exclusion for existing installers will be less effective for Opt-out devices in your App Install campaigns.

  • User-level targeting for the Snap Ad Network will no longer be available.

Recommended Preparations:

  • Create Lookalike Audiences of Mobile App Custom Audiences or Android audiences to increase audience scale.

  • Upload first-party audience lists of hashed emails and/or hashed phone numbers.

  • Snap will leverage more contextual signals for Ad Network delivery.

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Our Recommended Approach While Running Campaigns

SKAdNetwork’s Delayed and Aggregated attribution methodology requires a new approach.

Conversion values matter

Map conversions values for events occurring within 24 hours after an install and add Snapchat optimizable events wherever appropriate.

Keep campaigns running

Do not pause your Ad Sets prematurely. If delivery is low, increase your bids and budgets, and run Ad Sets for about two or more weeks for optimal learnings.

Goal-Based Bidding

Installs occur more frequently than down-funnel events, allowing our systems to optimize your campaigns more quickly than for post-instal Goal-Based Bids such as App Purchase, App Sign Up, App Add To Cart.

Review window

App installs may be delayed for up to 48 hours, and post-install conversions can be delayed longer depending on when the event occurs post installs.

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Advanced Conversions

Snap’s Proprietary Privacy-centric approach.

Advanced Conversions is a measurement system designed with a focus on privacy, and built with your business needs in mind. This approach employs a variety of privacy-centric techniques to provide advertisers the ability to continue measuring campaigns with accuracy, while taking into account Apple's tracking policy.

Advertisers care about the security, privacy, and reliability of measurement, so they can understand the effectiveness of their campaigns. Snapchatters deserve a great user experience by way of relevant ads from brands they like. The more relevant an ad, the more effective it will be, the more value it will drive for a brand.

As new privacy-related frameworks increase the potential for signal loss, Advanced Conversions is our answer to preserve the paradigm above. We’re modernizing measurement in a way that was designed with privacy in mind, while minimizing the negative effect these frameworks can have on user experience and advertiser ROI.

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Conversions API Tutorial

Learn how to improve Snapchat campaign measurement and performance.

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