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Reach New Customers by Advertising on Snapchat

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Find More Fans on Snapchat

Connect with an engaged audience that’s full of young consumers.

Reach the majority of Gen Z and millennials.

Get their attention on Snapchat, where you’ll find 90% of people 13–24 years old and 75% of people 13–34 years old.¹

Be the business they rave about.

Snapchat is the #1 platform where people enjoy sharing their favorite shopping experiences and purchases.²

Become a part of their lives.

Connect with a uniquely engaged audience who open the app more than 30 times every day.³

5 Tips for Reaching Customers on Snapchat

Choose the Right Objective

What results do you want from your ad?


Get the word out about your product or service

Lead Generation

Find potential customers

App Installs

Increase downloads of your app

Online Sales

Sell more on your online store

Create an Ad

Control Your Spend

How do you want to manage your ad spend?

Snapchat makes it easy to try an ad, see how it performs, and adjust your budget as needed.

  • View your estimated results based on how much you want to spend.

  • Start and stop your ad anytime.

  • Set and control daily and lifetime spend limits.

Tip 3

Reach the Right People

Who should see your ad?

Define the potential customers you care about most.

  • Use info like age range, gender, and locations. Add interests via predefined audiences.

  • Reach people based on their contact info and website activity by creating Custom Audiences.

  • Find new customers similar to those you already have by creating Lookalike Audiences.

Tip 4

Build Your Ads Around Action

What do you want people to do?

Add a photo or video of what you’re advertising to attract attention.

Focus on one key message using a simple headline.

Include a call to action that invites people to engage.

Tip 5

Take Advantage of Analytics

How do you evaluate your ad’s performance?

Screenshot of Snapchat Ads Manager showing  how many people saw your ad and swiped up
  • See how many people saw your ad, swiped up on it, and more.

  • Use the Snap Pixel to see how many purchases were made.

  • Get actionable insights in real time, all in one convenient dashboard.

See How Ads Lead to Action

Advertising on Snapchat helped She’s Birdie get more online purchases.


return on ad spend⁴


lower CPM compared to other platforms⁵


of sales from 18- to 24-year-olds driven by Snapchat⁵

“Snapchat has been a critical channel for our growth as a young business. … In addition, the stability that Snapchat has been able to provide our brand during uncertain times has been huge for us.”

- Richie Mashiko, Head of Growth, She's Birdie

1 Snap Inc. internal data Q3 2022. Penetration calculated as monthly active users (MAUs) divided by 2021 population estimates per the 2022 United Nations World Population Prospects.
2 2022 Global Crowd DNA Study commissioned by Snap Inc. | Base: Snapchatters N = 8,100 | Q: Thinking about all apps you use, which of the following things relating to visual messages (e.g. pictures, videos, filters / lenses, emojis / bitmojis) have you ever done? (NET of all codes)
3 On average. Snap Inc. internal data Q4 2020. (Full stat: On average, Snapchatters opened Snapchat over 30 times every day in Q4 2020.)
4 Snap internal data
5 She’s Birdie internal data, Q3 2020