Ways to Scale Successfully

When you scale ads on Snapchat, you maximize the results of your best-performing ad campaigns. Here are a few tactics to help you scale your campaigns and increase your spend the right way.

Increasing budgets

  • Raising budgets is the easiest way to increase your spend.

  • If budgets increase too quickly, it can shock the auction and impact performance.

  • Try 20-30% increases every few days to a week or longer, depending on your product sales cycle.

Increasing bids

  • If you aren’t hitting budget caps but are happy with performance, increase your bid to a comfortable price to enable an increase in daily spend.

  • Once you are achieving full capacity on your daily budget, seek to increase the daily cap.

Test a new objective

  • To scale marketing efforts, try a different objective to target customers at different points of your conversion funnel.

  • For example, test add to cart bidding to compete in more auctions and find more users for you to speak to.

Scale your campaigns

Best Practices for Scaling Your Campaigns

Scale your top-performing campaigns using these helpful tips.

1. Scale Horizontally

Clone campaigns and stack multiple ad sets within one campaign, as well as make minor ad set adjustments to increase testing.

2. More Creatives Boost Delivery

Boost delivery against your daily spend caps by simply adding more creatives and improving swipe-up rate.

3. Introduce New Formats

Test new formats against the same audiences, opening up more auctions for you to compete in and more opportunities to show your ad to Snapchatters. You can easily test Story Ads and Catalog Ads using existing assets.

4. Utilize a Full-Funnel Strategy

Make sure you have a balance of prospecting and conversion-focused campaigns to guarantee recognition for your brand. This will ensure customers are aware of your product/service and warmed up to keep converting.

Scale your campaigns