A Snapchat Series

Australia 2021

EComm is the new black

Yes Champs, Ep 2 was another cracker – massive props to Luke Shelley from
Independents Team, who won MVC for his eye of the tiger efforts; and to Omnicom
Team 1, Champs Challenge winners (again!) Onya!

In Episode Three, we’re earning our stripes on eCommerce. Gen Z are set to overtake
Millennials as the biggest users, and give marketers access to an enormous $323 billion
(yep, BILLION) globally in direct buying power on Snap. Plus, as we know Aussie
Snapchat is the place for true mates to hang – it means Snapchatters in Australia are
giving their mates FIVE times more say than celebrities or influencers when it comes to
their purchase decisions. So let’s jump into some Aussie expert eComm brands, and get
set to Champ eComm!


Host with the most, Elfy; Kate Gundelach, Head of eComm for Snap ANZ.


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August 19th, 2.00pm AEST.


Drive excellent eComm outcomes.


How to drive eComm on Snap with tried and tested tips and tricks; which retailers are
creating extraordinary personalised eComm experiences on Snap; how Millennials and
Gen Z are driving retail behaviour across eComm and beyond; PLUS, the all important
Champs Challenge. (Get ready to JAM, and take it to Omnicom 1 to challenge their


Exceptional eComm experts, delivering retail results realness.

Get to know the guest:

Kate Gundelach, Head of eComm for Snap ANZ.

Kate is responsible for driving and managing campaigns which engage the Snapchat
community. Her tenure spans all aspects of media companies, agencies, publishers and
marketing. Prior to Snap, Kate was the Sales Manager at Spotify for two years; and
before that, Client Partner and Team Lead at Facebook for five years. She also held
positions at OMD in Strategy and Planning and Ella Bachê in their Marketing team. So,
it’s fair to say she’s a legit Aussie ecomm expert!

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