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Nice work on getting in. The blog is home to all the need to know, for the whole of the Snap Champs 2021 season. So grab a coffee and get settled in.

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What’s the go?

After the neverending conference call that was last year; we’re not about to set you up for a bunch of the same. Yeah, nah. Snap Champs 2021 is a million miles from that.
Think less training program (yawn) more must watch series, with all the key ingredients Champs like you deserve to binge:

The Premiere

Who: Meet our Host with the most, Elfy Snap Australia Head of Agency Partnerships, Matt Coote, Danny Bass, CEO, and Chairman of UnLtd.
Where: Check your email invite for the exclusive OhYay link.
When: April 15th, 2.00pm AEST.
Why: The intro to the series of the year.
What: Heads up on what’s to come; get to know Elfy, some nice Snap info on Millennial and Gen Z big hitting brands; a hands on workshop with Elfy; PLUS big chats on Snap Happiness.
TL:DR: Awesome folks chatting sense on Snap and happiness.

The Series

Who: Each episode will see Elfy, a Snap genius, and a different Aussie media legend review the latest on the Snap Gen in the Australian media landscape. Who’s done what, what’s shifting metrics, what’s not, and why. Plus the Champ Challenge – a Group vs Group comp to see who can smash KPI’s for big Aussie brands, using the latest, greatest Snap tools, tips and tricks. (You’ll be on a team – no Champs left behind, amiright!). At the Finale, there WILL BE swags and brags for the winning group. So agency pride IS AT STAKE. Bring it on.
Where: OhYay. Link will be sent to you each time by email.
When: Four times between now and the November FINALE. We’ll email you the deets so you don’t miss a beat.
Why: Clients will beg to have you on their briefs. Your peers will want to be you. Your boss will love you.
What: All the must have info on Snap, to turn you into a total powerhouse in your agency.
TL:DR: Turn up. Tune up your Snap knowhow on real Aussie brands. Win stuff. Get known.

The Finale

Nice try Champ; as if we’d give that up this early on. It’s in November! Safe to say it’s shaping up nicely, there’s gonna be actual Awards, so you’ll want to be all over it.

Meet your host

Elfy Scott

Senior Producer/ Presenter/ Journalist/ Model.

Elfy is a total champ at dissecting, presenting
and breaking news and pop culture events in
Australia, and around the world, in a way that
directly speaks to Gen Z and Millennials. She’s
focussed on talking about the things that matter
to the Snap Gen; from politics and pop culture,
to science, climate change, sexuality, mental
health, Indigenous and social justice issues.
She currently presents and produces the daily
online news show, The Junkee Takeaway.

How to get your hands on OhYay

We’re hosting every Champs Episode on OhYay; Snapchat’s video conferencing community. As you’d expect, we’ve created an exclusive Champs location for you to hang out in.
If you don’t already have OhYay, go ahead and sign up here:

Top tips for the best OhYay experience:
1. Pretty standard; use your laptop or desktop (no mobile or tablet devices please), allow permissions to your camera and microphone - and make sure your sound is on!
2. And, as we’re talking about sound.. no one loves back seat video chatters, so if you could plug in your headset each time and help everyone have a Champ level auditory experience!
3. For best results, please use Chrome on a reasonably powerful computer, and plug it into power.

Got some questions?

Email Matt at Alternatively, snap him! Matt: Cootey24

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