Connect to Life’s Realest

Moments This Holiday Season

The end-of-year shopping season is about celebrating with friends and family. Tap into these real relationships and stand out from the crowd with Snapchat.

Build Connections with

Consumers as Strong as Friendships

When customers feel connected to brands, more than half of consumers (57%) will increase their spending with that brand and 76% will buy from them over a competitor.¹ Want shoppers to remember your brand when it’s time for gift-buying? Snapchat lets your brand be part of the moments that define the season.

Reach an audience you won’t find anywhere else
% of Snapchatters who do not use this platform daily.⁵

Sharing The Moments Before, During, and After Celebrations

Snapchatters do more holiday planning, shopping, and sharing than other social app users.⁶
That means brands have even more opportunities to connect with Snapchatters as they share moments
with friends and family.

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Snapchatters feel like their most fun and authentic selves on Snapchat.

This environment of trust and happiness leads to real influence for brands.

Maximize Your Influence for Maximum Results

Grab Their Attention with Video Ads

Full-format video not only gets consumers’ attention, but keeps it.

Encourage Shopping with AR

AR allows consumers to try a product on their body or in their space without going to a store.

Amplify Your Impact By Combining Snap Ads and AR

Snap Ads and Sponsored AR deliver increased lower-funnel metrics compared to Snap Ads alone.¹¹

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