Brands are looking to immerse millions of hyper-connected and tech savvy people 

Key challenges brands can face while activating for Saudi National Day  

There is a lot of competition and you need to break through the clutter

Your brand needs to appear as authentic as possible to engage on a deep level

Ensure efficiency and effectiveness while bridging the gap between the physical and digital world

During the week of Saudi National Day
campaigns running lenses on Snapchat
delivered a 15x average purchase value
compared to the  average for all formats.1

Why does Snapchat deliver results?

Snapchat is an online space where Saudis gather

Our monthly addressable reach in KSA has grown to 20 Million unique Snapchatters.2 98% of Snapchatters in Saudi enjoy sharing and celebrating moments in their life on Snapchat.3

In Saudi, Snapchatters perform everything on the 5 screens

AR is how people communicate during these key moments

Snapchatters used AR lenses over 90M times in Saudi Arabia on September 23 2021, which was the last National Day in Saudi Arabia.4 AR campaigns drive 94% conversion.5
To mark Founding Day 2022, the Saudi Tourism Authority partnered with Snapchat to create an augmented reality experience activated nationally, allowing users to dress in traditional clothes and share a national filter.

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1 Snap Inc. Internal data September 19 - September 25, 2021
2 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of October 2021
3 Snapchat Generation - KSA
4 Snap Inc. internal data September 23, 2021. Lens Use defined as a Lens Save, Send, or Post.
5 Harvard Business Review Article, "HOW AR is Redefining Retails in the Pandemic"