How to Set Up Retargeting Campaigns

How to Set Up a SAM Audience

Learn how to match your customer list with our community to build SAM Audiences.
  1. Use the global navigation in the top left corner of Ads Manager to click the “Audiences” option.
  2. Select “Get Started” in the middle of the screen and choose “Custom Audience” from the dropdown list.
  3. Click “Customer List” to match your customer list with Snapchatters.
  4. Drag and drop your customer data file onto the upload field and name your audience to begin the syncing process.

Pro Tip: Use the formatting guide at the top of the Snap Audience Match screen.

Retarget Previous, Subscribed, or Interested Customers

Upload your own data for customers who have engaged with your brand. This allows us to build a Custom Audience of Snapchatters most likely to convert using your own first-party data.

Why Should You Set Up a Retargeting Campaign?

Retargeting is one of the most important tools for conversion campaigns, allowing you to convert low-hanging fruit by:
  • Targeting Snapchatters who’ve been exposed to your product and have brand recognition.
  • Showing ads to customers who have previously engaged with your ads on our platform.
  • Re-engaging lapsed customers who have purchased previously.
  • Closing the deal with customers who may have abandoned on site before.

Retargeting Using Pixel Audiences

After connecting a pixel, your audience will automatically populate.

Retargeting with Pixel Audiences allows you to target dynamic audiences who have taken action on your site previously.
  • Add as many events as possible to get full-funnel visibility and audiences for each step.
  • Target these audiences in different ad sets, bidding on the next stage down the funnel with Auto Bid.

FAQs for Retargeting Campaigns

How do I scale campaigns when my retargeting reach is limited?
  • Launching prospecting campaigns allows you to target broader audiences, increase purchase intent, and grow your retargeting pools.
  • Prospecting campaigns using Custom Audiences and relevant product sets can help you hit your purchase goals while still being able to scale reach and spend.
  • Create multiple CRM lists for testing. Lists can be tied to top spenders, repeat purchasers, Snapchatters who have purchased in the past 180 days, promotional buyers, and more. Be sure to test Lookalikes for these Custom Audiences.